Creating a prospect list|

Tips for Creating a Solid Prospect List

By Emily Taibl / August 18, 2021

Bringing in new business. It’s a huge, and often mystical, part of an accounting marketer’s job.  When you’ve been tasked with creating (and managing) a good prospect list, it can be challenging to know where to start and who to add. One of the most important things about having a…

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ideas for client onboarding|

6 Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Client Onboarding

By Rachel Pompeani / May 19, 2021

The client onboarding process is crucial in the accounting services industry. What differentiates your firm from the competition should be the level of service provided to the client. So, what exactly is client onboarding? Client onboarding is the process of bringing in a new client, welcoming them to your firm,…

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Buy-in for marketing technology|

5 Ways to Win Buy-in for Marketing Technology

By Eric Elmore / May 19, 2021

The challenges of developing and executing marketing plans are many and wide-ranging. For marketing managers who work at smaller firms—usually as a one-person department—the effort is a constant battle of choosing what is achievable versus what is best for the firm. Marketing managers at smaller firms are often given little…

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Strengthen Client Relationships|

How to Keep That Personal Touch with Clients During the COVID-19 Crisis

By Jenna Ward / February 15, 2021

First of all, take a breath and realize that we are all in this together! There are many tips and tricks that you can follow to help strengthen your client relationships, and many you may already be doing. It is important to remember that during this pandemic, companies who lead…

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Managing Client Expectations|

Managing Client Expectations During COVID

By Jean Marie Caragher / February 15, 2021

This past year has certainly been a challenge. While marketers and business developers are always focused on managing client expectations, it is particularly important during the pandemic. Here is how some of your fellow AAM members stepped up to the plate during this incredibly busy time. Building Client Relationships After…

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Employee Events in a COVID World

Employee Events in a COVID World

By Rachael McGrew / January 14, 2021

We are now almost a year in to a worldwide pandemic that has shut us down, killed almost two million people worldwide, and changed the way business works. The last year has wreaked havoc on everything we, as marketers, had planned: events, budgets, strategies, and many other things. And it…

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Changing the way we communicate|

How COVID is Changing the Way We Communicate

By Irma Zaldivar / October 26, 2020

When COVID-19 became a pandemic, the way we communicate changed overnight. We had to alter the majority of our interactions with other people, which as a result increased our online methods of communication. Because of this, we had to be willing to adapt to this new normal, which meant being…

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Focused Conversation|

Focused Conversation

By Christine Nietzke / October 26, 2020

What went wrong? Anyone in sales has experienced this at least once. The proposal presentation to a prospective client went flawlessly, there were many nods of understanding, and the prospective client said they would make their decision in a couple of days. Then the news arrives later that week: they…

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Digital Communication Strategies|

3 Fresh Communication Strategies for the Digital Age

By Jenn Gouveia / October 26, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed fast-forward on the speed and frequency in which we digitally communicate. In this new virtual workplace, our daily routine is saturated with communication: emails, Zoom meetings, instant messages, phone calls, remote conferences, and digital happy hours. While the benefits of fast and easy communication are abundant,…

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Accounting Marketer developing a crisis communication strategy|Accounting Marketer developing a crisis communication strategy

Creating a Crisis Communication Strategy

By Christian Moises / September 22, 2020

At the 2020 Emerge conference, Christian Moises presented on “Creating an Adaptable Crisis Communication Process.” Below in a summary of his presentation. The recordings for the 2020 Emerge Virtual Conference are now available for purchase in the AAM Store. Click here to purchase and access this valuable training to grow…

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