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How AI Will Impact DEI Efforts

How AI Will Impact DEI Efforts

By Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk / January 30, 2024

Like diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI), AI has its champions and skeptics, yet both are gaining significant traction in accounting firms. DEI initiatives aim at ensuring equity and opportunity, while AI is revolutionizing processes. In essence, both represent transformative forces, shaping the progression of the profession. Here’s how AI will…

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Major shifts in the accounting industry

Leaders Predict Major Shifts in the Accounting Industry Are On the Horizon

By Elieen Monesson / May 4, 2023

The accounting industry is about to experience a revolution, and the action has already started to occur on several key fronts. According to three of Accounting Today’s Most Influential People in Accounting, major shifts in the accounting industry will reshape the profession, redefine the role of an accountant and bring…

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image of blocks in a pyramid shape painted with arrows pointing up

Rise Above the Challenges: Planning for Firm Growth in 2023

By Apoorv Dwivedi / May 2, 2023

Strategic planning is crucial for growth in the accounting and advisory industry. If you’re trying to achieve firm growth in 2023, you need to assess your external environment for threats and opportunities before identifying potential strategic actions. Challenges to Firm Growth in 2023 In 2023, accounting and advisory firms face several…

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Marketers Are Brand Advocates (And Police)

By Katie Tolin / January 31, 2023

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” ~Warren Buffett Branding has always been instrumental to CPA firms, but it has not always been intentional. A firm’s brand was likely developed by chance over the…

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Accounting Recruiting Trends photo of Kristi Tarantelli and Ben Vasallo sitting at a table and smiling|Photo of Kristi Tarantelli

Accounting Recruiting Trends & Tips: An Interview with the Experts

By Sarah Stage / May 12, 2022

Recently I sat down with Kristi Tarantelli and Ben Vassallo of Insero Talent Solutions to discuss the current landscape of accounting recruiting, how it is changing, and how they’ve adapted. Here’s what they had to say: Sarah Stage: What trends are you currently seeing in accounting recruiting? Kristi Tarantelli: Overall…

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Illustration of an accounting marketer absorbing written marketing trends for accounting firms|Illustration of an accounting marketer absorbing written marketing trends for accounting firms|Graphical breakdown of Accounting Marketing Budget Increases in 2022|Graphical breakdown of Accounting Marketing Increase Demand for Services in 2022

2022 Marketing Trends for Accounting Firms | Insights from Growth Outlook Survey

By Elieen Monesson / April 14, 2022

Has the pandemic had a lasting effect on operational, business development and marketing strategies or tactics for advisory and accounting firms? The third annual Growth Outlook for CPA Firms study by Inovautus Consulting, in collaboration with the Association for Accounting Marketing, found marketing trends for accounting firms are continuing to…

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What IS marketing's role in the talent pipeline - image of a pipeline in a wooded area|What IS marketing's role in the talent pipeline - image of a pipeline in a wooded area

So what IS Marketing’s Role in the Talent Pipeline?

By Amanda Sturdevant / April 12, 2022

What IS Marketing’s Role in the Talent Pipeline? A recap of March 2022 AAM High webinar If webinar attendance and feedback serve as proxies for topic interest, then this topic struck a chord with members, and we’re so glad. We had a great turn out (77% attendance rate) for the…

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Person pruning a plant representing marketing's role in culling clients|Person pruning a plant representing marketing's role in culling clients

Marketing’s Role in Culling Clients

By Tammy Farrell / April 5, 2022

Like many businesses these days, accounting and advisory firms are facing staffing challenges, shrinking capacity, and struggling morale. Becca Johns, director of practice growth at Rea & Associates, Inc. in Dublin, Ohio, said in the December 2021 AAM Business Development Roundtable, that reducing — rather than increasing — the number…

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Animated people completing a large DEI Accounting Firm Survey|Animated people completing a large DEI Accounting Firm Survey

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Knowledge is Power

By Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk / March 2, 2022

As part of the AAM DEI committee and original co-chair of the initiating task force, I’ve been a part of many conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion over the last two years. It is encouraging to see how some firms are embracing the idea of expanding their culture to be…

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What is Governance in ESG - picture of the framework of a house|What is Governance in ESG - picture of the framework of a house

What is Governance and What Role Can Marketing Play?

By Sammi Dittloff / February 24, 2022

If you feel like you’ve seen the term “ESG” pop up more lately, you’re not wrong. Google Trends has shown increasing search popularity in the term, peaking most recently at the end of January 2022. So, what does ESG mean? What is governance in ESG? And, most importantly, how can…

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