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Dawn Wagenaar is Principal of Ingenuity Marketing Group, LLC, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Ingenuity works with accounting firms across the country on branding, research, marketing and growth to make their professionals famous. Dawn is past chair of the AAM Conference Committee and Virtual Education Committee and past member-at-large for AAM National Board of Directors.

Hot Topic: 2024 Biennial Compensation Survey Results

By Dawn Wagenaar / June 20, 2024

By: Dawn Wagenaar & Christine Nelson, Ingenuity Marketing Group, LLC There are highly talented marketing and business development professionals in the accounting marketing industry. And firms want to keep them. This is just one takeaway from the 2024 AAM Biennial Compensation Survey conducted earlier this year. We were pleased to…

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PR for Accounting - PR letters made out of metal lit and shadowed

PR for Accounting: Reasons and Methods to Work With a PR Professional

By Dawn Wagenaar / November 30, 2023

Have you considered what PR for accounting can look like at your firm? Over more than 17 years of supporting professional service firms with communications, my agency has experienced many client situations that required delicate public relations. These situations can include: Angry clients Challenging M&A negotiations Negative search results Illness…

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Using Research to Form a Content Marketing Strategy - Picture of blocks with different emoji faces on them depicting a range of emotions|Using Research to Form a Content Marketing Strategy - Picture of blocks with different emoji faces on them depicting a range of emotions

How to Analyze your Research to Approach Content Correctly

By Dawn Wagenaar / March 10, 2022

How can analyzing research help you form a content marketing strategy? There is great value in conducting research and getting objective feedback. If you find areas in which your firm is excelling with prospects, existing clients and employees, you will want to maintain and improve what you are doing and…

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Niche Lead Generation - image of someone drawing a circle on a chalkboard full of squares|Niche Lead Generation - image of someone drawing a circle on a chalkboard full of squares|Ingenuity Marketing Group logo

Two Ways to Generate Niche Leads

By Dawn Wagenaar / February 15, 2022

Sponsored post by Ingenuity Marketing Niche Lead Generation Strategies Niche lead generation is a two-way street of active and passive activities at accounting firms. The active part is training team members to suggest additional services to existing niche clients and to be involved in the niche for professional visibility and…

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Word Bubble showing the ABCs of KPIs for CEOs

The ABCs of KPIs for CEOs

By Dawn Wagenaar / April 7, 2020

“Identifying the business objective and how can marketing help is the first place a marketer should start when developing KPIs for their firm,” said Suzanne Reed, Marketing Director at LMBC, during the March 26th AAM High webinar. In the webinar, “The ABCs of KPIs for CEOs,” Suzanne shared examples of…

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Role of Marketing in Mergers and Acquisitions|

Marketing’s Role in M&A: Prep, Roll-out and Vigilance

By Dawn Wagenaar / July 31, 2019

Change is hard.  With so much riding on a successful merger or acquisition for an accounting firm, the most important role for marketing is making change just a little bit easier.  The role of marketing in mergers and acquisitions will identify key audiences, messaging and timing of the firm’s big…

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Manage the Message: Supporting the Shift to Consulting

By Dawn Wagenaar / July 24, 2019

At this moment, clients will use technology if it’s easy and less expensive than a service provider. Some clients say they want proactive guidance and a back-up opinion, but mainly they don’t want things messed up and expensive. This is a time when marketing can really change the conversation about…

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AAM & AICPA Partnership

Five Ways Accounting Marketers Can Support Their Firm’s M&A Strategy

By Dawn Wagenaar / May 17, 2019

Mergers and acquisitions are an imperative part of most firm’s growth strategies. In fact, when attendees on our recent AAM High! Webinar were asked if M&A is part of their firm’s growth strategy, all but two respondents said yes. What is the accounting marketer’s role in M&A? Here are five…

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CPA Firm Marketing|CPA Firm Marketing

Webinar Recap: Growing Your Firm Through a Niche Market Strategy

By Dawn Wagenaar / May 30, 2018

By Dawn Wagenaar, Ingenuity Marketing Group   On our most recent AAM High! webinar, Bill Penczak of Briggs & Veselka Co. shared how to grow your firm through a niche market strategy. Here is our recap of the session. To set the stage, Bill shared the results of a recent…

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CPA Firm Business Development

Webinar Recap: Building SEO Success with Few Resources

By Dawn Wagenaar / May 15, 2018

Building a successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can be difficult for marketing professionals who wear many hats. In our recent AAM High! webinar, “Building SEO Success with Few Resources,” Diane Kulseth from Siteimprove shared basic terminology, core components, key team resources and a standard SEO process. Basic Terminology Search…

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