Are you a busy professional on the go? Do you enjoy learning about the trends and hot topics in accounting and advisory firm marketing and growth through engaging conversations with leading experts in the industry? AAM’s podcast, Amplify!, is now organized into 4-6-episode seasons that together serve as a master class in one critical and multifaceted aspect of growing CPA and advisory firm’s in today’s marketplace. Play them in order, or play them in line with your priorities or interests — once you listen to one episode, you’ll want to hear how the whole story unfolds in each season.

Featured: Season 5 Episode 1

The Digital Lead Gen Process For Accounting Firms

with David Toth of Winding River Consulting

Explore expert strategies for digital marketing success with the latest insights on SEO, content strategy, lead generation and more.

Season 5 Episode 2

SEO Today and Tomorrow

with Brian Swanson of Flashpoint Marketing

Brian Swanson, Chief SEO strategist with FlashPoint Digital Marketing, discusses the evolving landscape of digital marketing in this Amplify! podcast.

Season 5 Episode 3

Lead Gen MarTech

with Danny Estrada of Rare Karma

In this episode of Amplify!, Danny Estrada, vice president of consulting at Rare Karma, delves into the pivotal role of marketing technology in lead generation for accounting firms.

Season 5 Episode 4

Content that Converts

with Anna Khayet of KMG Advisors

Delve into content creation and its impact on digital conversion with Anna Khayet, a marketing consultant for fintech and accounting firms.

Season 5 Episode 5

Successful Digital Campaigns

with Apoorv Dwivedi of Fixyr Marketing

Embrace data-driven decision-making in your marketing endeavors and leverage insights to optimize your campaigns for success!

Season 5 Episode 6

Digital Advertising Success

with Sean Smith, CMO at Schneider Downs

Discover the secrets to success in digital advertising! Sean Smith, CMO at Schneider Downs, shares insights on navigating the ever-evolving landscape of online marketing in this episode of Amplify! where we’re talking digital lead gen throughout the season.

Season 5 Episode 7

How to Handle Web Lead

With Stacy Dreher of James Moore

On this episode of Amplify She’s sharing insights into the intricate process of qualifying marketing-generated leads from the importance of collaboration between sales and marketing teams to the pivotal role of responsiveness in lead management.

Episode 1: What a Business Development Executive Does
Season 4 Episode 1

What a Business Development Executive Does

with Danielle Reynolds, Business Development, Manager with Whitley Penn

A business developer’s day involves a myriad of activities from external meetings with business owners and referral partners to scoping calls for initial client connections.

Episode 7: Comparing Legal and CPA Firm BDEs
Season 4 Episode 7

Comparing Legal and CPA Firm BDEs

with Lee Favor, Director of Business Development with EisnerAmper LLP & Melissa Langley, Director of Client Engagement with K&L Gates LLP

The world of business development demands authenticity, curiosity and adaptability. When comparing the roles of business developers in accounting and legal there are a lot more similarities in their roles than there are differences.

Episode 6: Managing a Sales Person or Team
Season 4 Episode 6

Managing a Sales Person or Team

with Nikki Burgeson, Principal and Director of Sales with Rehmann

When it comes to managing a business developer or a team of business development executives, it’s all about team selling, setting clear expectations and effective pipeline management.

Episode 5: Building a BD Culture That Drives Growth
Season 4 Episode 5

Building a BD Culture That Drives Growth

with Suzanne Reed, CMO with LBMC

A thriving business development culture goes beyond just sales—it’s about engagement and contribution from everyone in the firm.

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