Building a MarTech Stack That Works for You: 5 Ways to Ensure Your MarTech is Meeting Your Needs

By Joy Abbott / April 23, 2024

In a recent AAM! High Webinar, “Five Ways to Build a MarTech Stack That Actually Works for You,” Warren Averett’s Joy Abbott, Marketing Technology Manager, and Sunny Ricks, Director of Marketing Communications, covered how to choose the right marketing technology tools, integrate them effectively and scale your MarTech strategy to…

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Maximizing CRM Impact: Real-World Examples for Firm Growth

By Alison Simons / April 10, 2024

On March 13th, AAM hosted an AAM High! webinar on Maximizing CRM Impact: Real-World Examples for Firm Growth. Three veteran accounting marketing leaders shared how they’re using their CRM systems to help achieve their firms’ goals. Redpath and Company recently launched a new outsourced CFO/Controller service. This puts the firm…

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Unlocking AI

Embracing AI: Content Creation Strategies for Accounting Marketers

By Jill Jacobs / April 2, 2024

The constant launch of new AI tools and techniques can be overwhelming. Many accounting marketers have found that using AI to assist with content production is a practical way to get started. A recent AAM High! Webinar—From Hype to Practical Application: AI for Accounting Marketers offered actionable techniques for using AI…

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How to Increase Google Analytics Data Retention Controls Beyond 14 Months

By Becky Livingston / March 5, 2024

When Google launched GA4 in 2023, one show-stopping feature was data deprecation. Gak! You might have scrambled to save data from your Universal Analytics account or simply followed the best practice guidance of setting your user and event data retention to 14 months—one of the defaults. But now you’re finding…

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Virtual business cards - one hand holding a purple card and another hand holding a mobile phone

Virtual Business Cards: Should Your Accounting Firm Climb Aboard?

By Sammi Dittloff / December 12, 2023

As accounting firms continue to bring a previously paper-heavy world into the digital space, a logical next step would be to consider adding virtual business cards into the mix. Of course, any time you usher in new tech, you can also add more complexity. Is more technology necessarily better? Should…

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Generative AI: How Accounting Marketers Can Navigate the Opportunity and Obstacles of ChatGPT

By Briana Low / December 5, 2023

Hinge Marketing’s Karl Feldman, Managing Partner, and Austin McNair, Senior Marketing Manager, presented an AAM High webinar on generative AI and “How Accounting Marketers Can Navigate the Opportunity and Obstacles of ChatGPT.” Below is a summary (written mainly by ChatGPT) of the presentation on how accounting marketers can navigate the…

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AI in Accounting Marketing: A Transformative Tool with Limits

By Katie Funderburk / September 5, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to reshape the professional world, including public accounting and accounting marketing. Its transformative power cuts across a wide swath of professional functions, from data analysis to copy generation. Using AI can save time and reduce costs, but as with any new transformative tool, there…

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Business Development: How Business Developers Use MarTech to Drive Engagement

By Danny Estrada / August 18, 2023

Technology is constantly evolving and accounting firms are changing their MarTech stacks to ensure they are keeping clients and prospects close. Not only do they seek to improve what they are doing, they are looking to gain a competitive advantage that leads to growth. When it comes to technology, the…

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Beginner’s Guide & Seasoned Marketer: MarTech Stack Comparison

By Kayla Juba / August 18, 2023

Written by Co-Authors: Rachael McGrew, Landmark CPAs & Kayla Juba, BSSF Marketing technology (MarTech) includes a vast range of software and tools that assist in achieving marketing goals and objectives. CRMs, social media scheduling platforms, graphic design/video editing tools, website hosting software and data analytics software are all examples of MarTech.…

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Articles of Interest: Resources for MarTech

By Lauren Preston / August 18, 2023

As Martech continuously becomes a more relevant (and popular) term for marketers, the content produced on this subject is starting to dominate the internet. We have 4 helpful resources to help your firm navigate into the Martech world. This article provides guidance on selecting a tech stack for accounting firms…

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