Business Development: Use Data to Guide Business Development

By AAM / September 21, 2023

Written by: Heath Alloway Imagine one of your very best friends purchasing a new boat that could go fast. Your friend was so excited about how fast it could go, you find yourself speeding across the water. Suddenly, you realize the boat captain never looked back to see who was…

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Seasoned Marketer: Top AI Tools for Data Analytics

By Tanya Doescher / September 21, 2023

Today more than ever, data analytics is an essential tool marketers need and use to make informed decisions. With the amount of data available, it can be overwhelming and simply too time consuming to analyze it manually. Artificial intelligence has transformed the process, and today, we have countless tools to…

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Articles of Interest: Data Analytics

By Alison Simons / September 21, 2023

Our September Articles of Interest include an overview of data analytics and how to use it for customer segmentation and personalization, along with discussing how to use data in your recruiting and retention efforts. Curious how you can use data analytics to develop your performance and KPI metrics? Check out…

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Beginner’s Guide: The Accounting Marketer’s Guide to Data Analytics

By Leo Ebbert / September 21, 2023

Today, accounting marketers have access to more data than ever before, and understanding how to use it has never been more essential. Data analytics allows accounting marketers to gain valuable insights, increase profit margins and guide business decisions for their marketing firms and clients. When you understand how to use…

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Transforming Your LinkedIn Presence in the Accounting Industry: From Pointless to Powerful

By James Hirchak / September 12, 2023

In today’s fast-paced digital world, a strong online presence is crucial for professionals and businesses. Among the myriad of social platforms available, LinkedIn has emerged as the go-to platform for professionals to connect, share insights, and expand their networks. In a recent webinar by James Hirchak, President of Astute Review…

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Analyzing Digital Growth Metrics - Tablet Analytics

From Clicks to Clients: Digital Strategies that Drive Growth

By Stacy Dreher / August 30, 2023

The accounting industry is undergoing a major digital transformation accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. While traditional methods of growth will always be important, creating a digital culture and strategy is imperative to build scalable and repeatable methods of growth. Many firms are investing in digital marketing tactics such as SEO,…

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Google Reviews: An Often-Overlooked Growth Strategy

By Sarah Dobek / August 25, 2023

Accounting and advisory firms have traditionally relied on word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied clients to grow.    But in this digital age, Google reviews are the new word-of-mouth recommendations. If a prospect finds your firm on Google — and it’s likely they will since 80% to 90% of buying decisions now include…

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A person performing UX design on a website with paper modules of images, text, and web functionality details - Feature image for how marketers can make an impact in a more inclusive world

How Marketers Can Make an Impact in a More Inclusive World

By Siri Svay / July 21, 2023

Navigating the path toward greater inclusivity can feel overwhelming. There’s so much to do, so where do you start? When it comes to the inclusion piece of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), how can marketers move the needle? One thing comes to mind: your company’s website. On Tuesday, June 20,…

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Business Development: Marketing and Sales Blur When Screening Prospects

By Stacy Dreher / July 21, 2023

Marketing and business development departments within CPA firms have been tasked with doing just about everything except delivering client service. (Fortunately, we’re never asked to help prepare a tax return!) But as growth leaders, we need to prioritize customer acquisition and that means generating more leads for our firm. That…

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Articles of Interest: Digital Marketing Strategy

By Kayla Juba / July 21, 2023

The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation from Adobe – Marketing automation is a must-have for modern marketing teams, as it allows businesses to save time and money, measure and optimize marketing investments and grow revenue faster. A versatile marketing automation platform encompasses marketing campaigns across all channels, including email marketing,…

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