Beginner’s Guide: Simple Ways to Keep Staff Involved in Marketing and BD During Busy Season

By Taylor Bartosiewicz / March 20, 2023

“Let’s wait until after the 18th.” It’s a phrase we are all familiar with during the height of the busy season. It can be frustrating as an accounting marketer to put everything on hold, especially during a time when the most people are interacting with your brand. So, what are…

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Seasoned Marketer: Marketing’s Role in the Difficult Conversations

By Tanya Doescher / March 20, 2023

Difficult conversations can be painful. Today more than ever, accounting firms are taking a real hard look at their clients and becoming even more selective on the ones they onboard. Most firms are struggling to maintain enough staff to handle their current client base while still having goals for continued…

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Articles of Interest: Providing Value During a Time of Economic Uncertainty

By Jenna Ward / March 20, 2023

Keep the Marketing Engine Humming Amid Economic Uncertainty During unpredictable times, how should your firm adjust its strategy and approach to marketing? Read more to learn how marketing leaders can maintain momentum and how they can work to ensure the external perception of their organization remains stable. Having a clear…

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Infographic: Four Tips for CX in an Economic Downturn

By Rachel Pompeani / March 20, 2023

We have four tips to maintain a positive client experience (CX) during an economic downturn. Here they are: 1. Practice conversational service by actively listening to your clients and showing empathy for their needs. According to Sharpen CX, customers who have a positive emotional experience are more six times more…

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Business Development: Selling on the Verge of a Downtown

By AAM / March 20, 2023

Written by: Art Kuesel Robust pipelines, high fee quotes, escalating minimums, stringent qualification questions and new client waiting lists. This has been the definition of new business development at many CPA firms for about the last year. For many firms, it reflects an about-face from what they knew and experienced…

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Marketers Are Brand Advocates (And Police)

By Katie Tolin / January 31, 2023

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” ~Warren Buffett Branding has always been instrumental to CPA firms, but it has not always been intentional. A firm’s brand was likely developed by chance over the…

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Why Should Your Firm Build a Brand Manual?

Why Should Your Firm Build a Brand Manual?

By Sammi Dittloff / November 8, 2022

At the end of the year, it’s important to take stock of the things you’ve accomplished, as well as what may have slipped through the cracks. Did you try to do too much, only to wind up doing nothing? Do you find yourself going back to the drawing board time…

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CRM Options for Smaller Accounting Firms to Consider

By Lynn Olanoff / November 1, 2022

Customer Relationship Management – or CRM – can be a lot to manage no matter the size of your accounting firm. So if you’re among the smaller accounting firms, CRM might seem especially intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. There are some upsides to CRM for smaller accounting firms,…

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5 Valuable Marketing Assets Your Team Needs Going Into 2023

By Charlie Beeler / October 27, 2022

As CPA firm marketers, we hold the responsibility of finding new, creative ways to stand out from our competitors. And in our fast-moving world where consumers are hit with upwards of 10,000 advertisements each day, it’s safe to say it’s more important than ever to communicate your messages not only…

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Articles of Interest

Articles of Interest: Recruiting

By Leah Yoneda / October 19, 2022

Marketers are being asked more and more to get involved in recruiting for their firms. Here are four articles to help you get started. Why HR and Marketing Should Work Together This article has helpful definitions and diagrams of exactly how HR and Marketing can combine forces for good and…

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