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Business Development: Vetting Leads Like a Pro: Protecting Your Firm’s Resources

By AAM / November 17, 2023

Picture it: a beautifully designed website with a thoughtful, easy-to-navigate layout. The carefully crafted content is high quality and relevant to its intended audience. The keyword placement is laser-focused to attract organic traffic comprised of the ideal client. The website is doing its job – bringing in quality leads. But…

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Business Development: Selling as an Act of Service: Using CX Principles to Drive BD

By AAM / October 30, 2023

Author: Alyson Fieldman, RockIt Results Generating new business and expanding existing client accounts can often be stressful. In most firms, only a small subset of partners are typically interested in selling. Many partners find that selling is too highly competitive, only done on a golf course or just too overwhelming…

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Business Development: Use Data to Guide Business Development

By AAM / September 21, 2023

Written by: Heath Alloway Imagine one of your very best friends purchasing a new boat that could go fast. Your friend was so excited about how fast it could go, you find yourself speeding across the water. Suddenly, you realize the boat captain never looked back to see who was…

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Association for Accounting Marketing Joins Commitment to Advance Diversity and Inclusion

By AAM / August 21, 2023

Contact: Rhonda Clark Executive Director 859.494.1185 [email protected]   Association for Accounting Marketing Joins Over 2,400 CEOs in Unprecedented Commitment to Advance Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Coalition Expands Reach and Impact into the Business Community August 28, 2023 | Lexington, KY – The Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) is proud…

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August 2023: Time to level up your MarTech Stack?

By AAM / August 18, 2023

Articles of Interest: As Martech continuously becomes a more relevant (and popular) term for marketers, the content produced on this subject is starting to dominate the internet. We have 4 helpful resources to help your firm navigate into the Martech world. Beginner’s Guide & Seasoned Marketer: Marketing technology (MarTech) includes…

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July 2023: 🎵 Digital, Digital, Get Down – Paid Search, ABM and More!

By AAM / July 21, 2023

Articles of Interest: Our July Articles of Interest includes best practices, trends and examples for a variety of digital marketing tactics, including marketing automation, cross-platform marketing campaigns, mobile marketing, brand storytelling and chatbot marketing. Seasoned Marketer: As digital marketing continues to dominate, as well as the power of personalization, there is…

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Growth Strategies Summer 2023 Issue Cover

Summer 2023 Growth Strategies

By AAM / July 19, 2023

  Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to reshape the professional world, including public accounting and accounting marketing. The conversation around its use is already buzzing with advice and cautionary tales. Digital Asset Services: A Strategic Growth Opportunity Digital assets such as cryptocurrency, stablecoins and NFTs will “dominate the future”…

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June 2023: A Marketer’s Guide to Key Performance Indicators

By AAM / June 16, 2023

Seasoned Marketer: Marketers have access to more knowledge and data than ever before, but collecting data, tracking trends, and reporting on marketing activities for the sake of reporting are not sufficient to gain the respect of our partners. So what do they really care about? Find out in this article.…

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May 2023: AAM Summit Recap | Recruiting Tips | Interview with Marketer of the Year

By AAM / May 19, 2023

Hot Topic: Nearly 400 accounting marketers, business developers and growth professionals attended this year’s AAM Summit in Salt Lake City. It was 2.5 days of learning, networking and making new friends because, really, accounting marketers tend to make fast friends! Here are some of the attendees’ best takeaways. Meet a…

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Business Development: Selling on the Verge of a Downturn

By AAM / March 20, 2023

Written by: Art Kuesel Robust pipelines, high fee quotes, escalating minimums, stringent qualification questions and new client waiting lists. This has been the definition of new business development at many CPA firms for about the last year. For many firms, it reflects an about-face from what they knew and experienced…

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