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  1. The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation from Adobe – Marketing automation is a must-have for modern marketing teams, as it allows businesses to save time and money, measure and optimize marketing investments and grow revenue faster. A versatile marketing automation platform encompasses marketing campaigns across all channels, including email marketing, direct mail, landing pages and forms, social initiatives and more. By filling out a brief contact form, you can download Adobe’s comprehensive guide, covering the basics of marketing automation, describing the various marketing automation features and making a winning business case for marketing automation solutions.
  2. How to Plan a Winning Cross-Platform Campaign: Tips and Examples from Hootsuite – This article includes excellent guidance on how to run, plan and track a cross-platform campaign on social media. It also provides several examples of successful cross-platform campaigns to offer inspiration!
  3. Mobile Marketing: A Step-By-Step Guide For 2023 (& Beyond) from SmartBlogger – This article sheds light on the nitty-gritty of mobile marketing, sharing proven strategies to unlock the immense potential this platform holds and skyrocket your growth.
  4. What is Brand Storytelling & Why Your Business Needs It from PRnews – Brand storytelling is a powerful marketing tactic that creates a strong emotional bond by positioning your customer as the protagonist in your marketing. This article explains why brand storytelling is crucial and helps you explore best practices and ideas to get started.
  5. The Benefits and Challenges of Using Chatbots for Marketing and Sales from Global Trade Magazine – Chatbots are AI-driven virtual agents that are designed to interact with customers live, enabling quick responses, targeted suggestions and accessibility anytime, 24/7. As AI evolves, chatbots are becoming a rapidly growing marketing strategy for firms looking to advertise their services to qualified prospects in real-time. This article is a great outline of both the benefits and challenges of using chatbots in marketing and sales and how chatbots can be implemented in business effectively.

About Kayla Juba

Kayla Juba is the Senior Marketing Specialist for Brown Plus, a premier advisory firm providing accounting, assurance, tax and consulting services across the Mid-Atlantic region. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication/Journalism from Shippensburg University. Kayla has more than nine years of experience in marketing communications and has worked in accounting marketing for over three years. Prior to joining Brown Plus, Kayla worked in event planning and fundraising for several nonprofit organizations in the Central Pennsylvania area.

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