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Hot Topic: Social Media Trends | Platform Updates

Infographic of information from articleToday’s social media trends will quickly be tomorrow’s old news. Thanks to TikTok, video continues to dominate across all platforms and serves as an entertainment outlet. Everyone is jumping on short-form videos as they allow authentic storytelling, and a are medium to bring value to followers. AI is here to stay for both marketers and platforms alike!

Struggling to keep up with evolving trends and platform updates? Aside from the emerging trends spanning the social media spectrum, each platform is constantly rolling out a host of new and exciting features. Need help keeping up? This infographic outlines the recent platform updates you need to know about.

Facebook: New lead gen forms for company pages provide another avenue to capture contact information via page visitors. Facebook reels promotion options now include click-to-messenger ads.

Instagram: There is now a lead form option for your business profile, allowing new ways to generate direct responses and collect information. Currently testing AI chatbot options, so more to come!

 LinkedIn: Company pages now have direct messaging capability, creating another method to connect and communicate with users. New generative AI prompts for job postings, posts, etc. are great for those needing a boost getting started.

TikTok: Launched a new script generator tool, allowing users to map out an entire campaign creation process.

Twitter: Messages can no longer be viewed unless a user is logged in; immediately decreasing exposure. Organizations are being pushed to business subscriptions and can expect restrictions without one.


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