Summer 2023 Growth Strategies


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to reshape the professional world, including public accounting and accounting marketing. The conversation around its use is already buzzing with advice and cautionary tales.

Digital Asset Services: A Strategic Growth Opportunity

Digital assets such as cryptocurrency, stablecoins and NFTs will “dominate the future” and represent a significant opportunity for accounting and advisory firms to create new service lines.

From Clicks to Clients: How to Create a Digital Strategy that Drives Growth

While traditional methods of growth will always be important, creating a digital culture and strategy is imperative to build scalable and repeatable methods of growth.

Trends & Insights

Building a better accounting marketing budget

Partner POV

Jay Weinstein, Vice Chair of Industries and Markets, Eisner Advisory Group

Take 5

What digital marketing metrics do you track and how are they used?

Q & A With…

Sally Glick, Business Development Advisor, CLA


Data tools for marketing success

Business Development

In the digital age, Google and other online reviews are the new word-of-mouth recommendations.

Consultants’ Corner

How are clients using tech tools to develop business?

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