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Hot Topic: 2024 Biennial Compensation Survey Results

By: Dawn Wagenaar & Christine Nelson, Ingenuity Marketing Group, LLC

There are highly talented marketing and business development professionals in the accounting marketing industry. And firms want to keep them.

This is just one takeaway from the 2024 AAM Biennial Compensation Survey conducted earlier this year. We were pleased to highlight survey results for attendees at the AAM Summit in Orlando last month. It was satisfying to report that turnover among marketing and business development team members has been low over the past two years.

As a result, you have continued to align marketing strategies with branding and business development results by adopting new technologies and hiring digital marketing coordinators and specialists. While most firms still have four or fewer in-house marketing and business development professionals, we noted the hiring of specialists among mid-sized to larger firms, including proposal writers and SEO analysts.

Base salaries are increasing with levels of experience and size of firm at all levels of marketing. However, we only see rare instances of bonuses and ownership among these leaders. In addition, there is a widening experience gap between highly experienced professionals and their team members. Only 25% of team members have career tenure in accounting marketing of five to 10 years, according to survey participants across all firm sizes

What can firms do to continue aligning for action and demonstrating clear ROI for future brand visibility and business success? The AAM Biennial Compensation Survey Report is out now, offering insights and takeaways for all marketing/BD and firm leaders. Whether you are new to accounting marketing or are leading strategies at your firm, you can find valuable information for career advancement and team structuring.

Will remote and hybrid work continue?

What is impacting hiring?

Who is earning top salaries?

Are there any new perks and benefits on the table?

New to the 2024 edition: 

  • 200+ unique team roles represented
  • Low, middle-range and high average salaries per leadership role
  • 10 different specialist career paths with salary ranges
  • Takeaways for small, mid-sized and large firms (defined by team size and revenue)
  • Key details on which specialists are outsourced most

Participation in the 2024 survey included U.S.-based firms only, but we have shared some takeaways with international accounting advisory groups since the report was published. Leaders in these groups appreciate hearing what U.S. firms are doing to manage marketing and business development strategy. Consider downloading the free executive summary to learn more and purchase your copy today.





About Dawn Wagenaar

Dawn Wagenaar is Principal of Ingenuity Marketing Group, LLC, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Ingenuity works with accounting firms across the country on branding, research, marketing and growth to make their professionals famous. Dawn is past chair of the AAM Conference Committee and Virtual Education Committee and past member-at-large for AAM National Board of Directors.

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