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Are you looking for a way to benchmark your role and your firm’s marketing and business development efforts against others? As a leader, your influence is powerful. Marketers, business development and practice growth professionals are asked to share their insights to keep the accounting marketing profession strong.

Purchase the 2022 AAM Biennial Compensation Survey

AAM’s Biennial Compensation Survey, done in partnership with Ingenuity Marketing Group, is now available for purchase! 

Since 2010, AAM has conducted the Biennial Compensation Survey to help marketing leaders, accounting firm partners and human resources professionals identify new strategies for attracting and developing marketing and business development talent at their growing firms.

The AAM 2022 Biennial Compensation Survey Report gathered data from 200+ of the most senior marketing and business development professionals within accounting and advisory firms of all sizes across the U.S. and Canada.In addition to current salary/wage data organized by marketing and business development positions, your report will include:

  • Deeper data on the new value proposition of salaries
  • Top benefits and perks and recommendations for bonuses and variable compensation
  • Average team size and tenure
  • Regional data
  • Canadian highlights
  • Top marketing specialties
  • Higher education pursuits

This report is the most comprehensive source of compensation and benefit data specific to the accounting marketing and business development profession.

2021-2022 AAM Marketing Budget Benchmark Study

Once again, AAM partnered with the Hinge Research Institute to conduct the bi-annual AAM Marketing Budget Benchmark Study. The purpose of this study was to provide marketing professionals, firm leaders and business developers with the insights needed to determine whether their efforts are effective – especially when compared to the marketing efforts of firms that may be similar in size or with regard to a chosen marketplace.

According to the newly released 2021-2022 study, the pandemic ushered in an era of innovation that has positively impacted 45% of surveyed CPA firms. Many firms offered new services, Payroll Protection support chief among them, reduced costs as teams worked from home, and adopted more advanced technologies for remote work and marketing and business development efforts.

The full report offers budget breakdown and spending data by firm size and market size.

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