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Beginner’s Guide: Utilizing Paid Advertising for Recruiting

Accounting firms employ various paid advertising and digital marketing strategies to enhance their recruitment efforts. Creating an effective paid advertising and digital marketing strategy for accounting recruiting involves a combination of targeted approaches to reach and connect with the right candidates. Is paid advertising part of your firm’s overall recruiting strategy? Unsure where to start? Here are some effective strategies to consider as you develop an effective paid advertising strategy:

  • Google Ads for Job Searches:
    • Research regulatory keywords to optimize your ads to appear in desired search results.
    • Run Google Ads campaigns targeting relevant keywords related to accounting jobs, desired skillsets and geographic locations.
  • Target Email Campaigns:
    • Employ targeted email campaigns in an attempt to reach individuals via industry-related platforms.
    • Sponsor relevant associations and events with desired membership demographics.
  • LinkedIn Media Advertising:
    • Leverage LinkedIn’s advertising platform and develop targeted recruitment campaigns.
    • Create sponsored content, sponsored InMail and display ads to reach recruits, targeting users based on location, experience, skills and other demographics.
  • Other Social Media Advertising:
    • Utilize social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for recruitment advertising.
    • Tailor your efforts to each platform for better results and to maximize your investment.
    • Highlight your firm’s culture, people and career opportunities; providing a view of what it is like to work at your firm.
  • Networking Events:
    • Use paid advertising to promote the firm’s participation in job fairs, industry conferences and networking events. This grants the opportunity to connect with prospective candidates in person and build relationships.
  • Career Websites and Job Boards:
    • Does your firm post job openings on popular online job boards such as LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor? These platforms offer paid advertising options to feature job listings prominently, ensuring they reach a wider audience.
    • Invest in strategic ad placements on industry-specific career websites and forums.
  • Campus Recruiting
    • Trying to connect with students on college campuses? Sponsoring on-campus student events in coordination with social media promotion can be an effective way to enhance your firm’s recruitment of new hires directly from college campuses.

Whether you are refining your current paid advertising strategy or building one from scratch, leveraging a combination of these paid advertising channels will enhance your firm’s reach and engagement with potential candidates, strengthen your employer brand, and ultimately, build a robust talent pipeline for recruitment purposes.

About Tanya Doescher

Tanya is the Director of Marketing at a Delta Consulting Group. She is responsible for developing and executing the firm’s overall growth goals and objectives, and oversees the development, implementation and execution of Delta’s marketing strategy.

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