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Danny Estrada, MBA, is the Director of Enterprise Solutions at Introhive. He focuses on helping organizations realize their growth and sales goals through leveraging AI and relationship intelligence. Danny has over 20 years of experience as a CRM practitioner and management consultant focused on the deployment and adoption of CRM platforms.

People turning gears to Overcome Business Development CRM Issues

Overcoming Common Business Development CRM Issues and Challenges

By Danny Estrada / February 13, 2020

We are closing in on the end of another year, and it is always a good time to reflect on where we started, where we think we are now, and what we are going to do differently in the coming year to get the results we are looking for. One…

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CPA Firm Marketing

The Role for AI in Business Development – Maximum Knowledge for Maximum Effect

By Danny Estrada / May 8, 2019

As technology continues to evolve at light speed, many of us are constantly impressed at the level of innovation. Much of the buzz these days seems to be centered on the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it is being applied to business. Today, AI and predictive analysis has…

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