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Christopher O’Day is the Director of Marketing at LGA, a 125-person firm with offices in Chestnut Hill, MA, Woburn, MA, and Salem, NH. As the Director of Marketing, he is responsible for strategic marketing, digital marketing, social media, communications, event management, and other growth efforts for the firm.

Articles of Interest: Strategic Planning

By Chris O'Day / April 19, 2023

In this month’s articles of interest, I am sharing five books on strategy that you can utilize in strategic planning for your firm’s marketing. Although the links are to Amazon, they can also be borrowed for free at your local library or borrowed from online libraries like Hoopla. “The 12…

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Articles of Interest

Articles of Interest: Using Your Website for Recruiting

By Chris O'Day / July 26, 2022

Five years ago, CPA firms were concerned with bringing in new business. Today, there is enough work to go around, but almost every firm is struggling to recruit and retain talented staff. One of the most powerful tools in recruiting should be your firm’s website. Here are some articles that…

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Differentiate Your Firm|

Differentiate Your Firm for the Future

By Chris O'Day / July 15, 2021

It’s spring 2022. You pull into your firm’s parking lot and take a sip of your iced coffee. As you enjoy the hazelnut goodness, you think to yourself, “Everyone is back in the office, and things are finally back to normal. We had to change a lot during the pandemic,…

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Future-Proof Your Firm|

Future-Proofing Your Firm by Innovating and Moving Quickly

By Chris O'Day / November 19, 2020

Many great ideas for new services or improvements at firms suffer from “death by committee.” They are debated, pushed off, and delayed until they are ultimately shelved, or a completely watered-down version is finally produced and it is either too late to the market or made with too many compromises…

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Light bulb that represents building trust and confidence|

How to Build Trust & Confidence with Your Firm’s Partners

By Chris O'Day / May 20, 2020

People do business with those they like, know, and trust. CPA firm partners are no different. You can be following the yellow brick road to a marketing project success at your firm – with everything going right – only for a partner to poke their head out at the Emerald…

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Yoda Aging overt keepign staff engaged with marketing during tax season

How to Keep Your Staff Engaged With Marketing During Tax Season

By Chris O'Day / February 27, 2020

Tax season for many accounting marketers is akin to winter for the squirrels. You gathered up ‘nuts’ you can work on: website updates, creating marketing collateral, redesigning newsletters, and other activities.  You keep occupied with these tasks while staff at the firm are too busy and too stressed with tax…

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Missing Puzzle Piece to complete CRM Success

Set Your Firm Up for CRM Success

By Chris O'Day / February 18, 2020

After years of trying to get your firm’s partners on the same page with business development, you have finally found the solution: a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management system). You return to your office glowing with conference pixie dust, telling everyone about this fantastic “deus-ex-machina-like-CRM” that will solve all of…

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Blockchain and accounting -

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Know Your Accounting Marketing Jargon

By Chris O'Day / March 13, 2019

Your managing partner surprises you with a 15-minute meeting to get a marketing update. You begin to regale him with recent triumphs; you tell him about a LinkedIn tax post that received 300 impressions, how a tax manager had a quote in the local paper, and that a client gift…

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