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Transforming Your LinkedIn Presence in the Accounting Industry: From Pointless to Powerful

In today’s fast-paced digital world, a strong online presence is crucial for professionals and businesses. Among the myriad of social platforms available, LinkedIn has emerged as the go-to platform for professionals to connect, share insights, and expand their networks. In a recent webinar by James Hirchak, President of Astute Review and David Toth, Chief Growth Strategist of Winding River Consulting, experts in leveraging LinkedIn effectively, they shared valuable insights on how to harness the power of this platform to build your LinkedIn presence in the accounting industry. personal brand and foster growth within your firm.

The Evolution of LinkedIn: From Digital Resume to Dynamic Networking Platform

LinkedIn has come a long way from being a simple digital resume platform to a dynamic space for networking and content sharing. With the rise of remote work and the impact of COVID-19, interest in LinkedIn has surged, making it a hub for professionals seeking to connect and share valuable insights. Despite this, there is a prevalent reluctance among many professionals to engage on the platform fully, only 1% of users post more than once a week. The resume is changing, and LinkedIn is becoming the new digital resume for professionals. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this digital platform requires users to drop the business buzzwords, be human and maybe open connections up to their personal lives.

Navigating the Reluctance: Fostering Human Connections

One of the central challenges on LinkedIn is the struggle to balance personal and professional personas. Many professionals are hesitant to blur the lines between these aspects of their lives, fearing they might appear inauthentic. However, authenticity is key to success on LinkedIn. Users need to bring a human touch to the platform, share relatable stories, and highlighting personal experiences alongside professional achievements.

The stats are undeniable, people want to buy from people and engage with people over corporate accounts.

  • Increased Engagement – Employee-shared content receives 8x more engagement.
  • Efficient Hiring – Employee advocacy can cut hiring costs by 50% and speed up hiring by 58%.
  • Higher Conversions – Leads from employee social marketing convert 7x more often.
  • Increased Trust – 53% of consumers view employees as more credible than companies.

Every time you create content ask yourself is this helping people get better at what they are doing, in my voice.

Cracking the Algorithm Code: Maximizing Engagement

Understanding the LinkedIn algorithm is crucial to effectively reach your target audience. Recent algorithm updates have shifted the focus towards personal connections and meaningful engagement.

  1. Posts are now more likely to reach your connections and followers.
  2. Comments are valued more than simple likes.
  3. Posts that share knowledge and education are more likely to make it outside of our network of followers.

Developing a consistent posting strategy and leveraging educational content to engage your audience matters.  The bar is quite low to stand out over peers, users can be in the top 1% of LinkedIn by posting once a week.

Check out your social selling index and understand where to improve your profile: Get your social selling index on LinkedIn

Leveraging AI

ChatGPT: Here is a prompt to train ChatGPT to write and generate content in your voice:

Think of yourself as a language detective. We’ll dive into an investigation where your goal is to uncover and mimic the unique writing pattern hidden in my words. We’ll kick things off with “Setup”. This is your green light to begin, and you signal it by saying “Setup Complete”. Next, I’ll provide “Evidence” – samples of my writing. Analyze each sample of my writing in detail. Acknowledge each piece of evidence by saying “Snapshot Taken”. Only when I state “Investigation Over”, you’ll stop taking snapshots. Finally, based on the snapshots, you’ll delve into analyzing my writing style, tone, and distinct features. The final task is to craft a “report” – fresh piece of text on a specified topic. You’ll ask me for the specified topic. Once I give it to you, you’ll write it in a way that perfectly embodies the writing style captured in the evidence.

Employee Advocacy Software Resources

  1. SocialToaster
  2. Clearview Social

There are pros and cons to using these tools. Although they may serve as a resource to get employees to post content, they can completely eliminate the human element and cause viewers to see employees posting the same thing with little or no personal thought. If employees don’t care enough to give their opinions, why should viewers care to read.

AI Headshot Tools

Here are some resources to get consistent images across your org without inconveniencing others with getting headshots.

  1. Headshot Pro
  2. StudioShot
  3. Aragon

Embracing LinkedIn’s Potential

As professionals and firms embrace the potential of LinkedIn, they can navigate the platform’s algorithm, optimize their profiles, and create impactful content that resonates with their target audience. By harnessing the power of LinkedIn, professionals can amplify their personal brand and drive business growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

About James Hirchak

James Hirchak is the President & Co-Founder of Astute Review, a software company focused on helping marketing teams within accounting quantify and improve brand compliance through automation tools. Before starting Astute, James served as a Director of Corporate Development for Dover Corporation, where he was responsible for managing mergers & acquisitions and general strategic initiatives within Dover. Prior to Dover, James worked in the Economic and Valuation Services practice at KPMG. James holds a BS in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Miami University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. James lives in Chicago, IL with his wife and two daughters.

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