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Seasoned Marketer: Case Study: Enhancing Revenue and Achieving Significant Success: The Impact of Rehmann’s CyberReady Campaign

In an era where cybersecurity threats are rampant and regulatory requirements are constantly evolving, Rehmann recognized the pressing need for organizations to have robust cybersecurity plans in place. To address this challenge, Rehmann developed CyberReady, a comprehensive program designed to simplify the complex process of cybersecurity planning and implementation, making it accessible to organizations of all sizes. This case study delves into Rehmann’s strategic approach to lead generation and the success of its integrated marketing campaign to drive awareness and generate leads for CyberReady.

The Challenge

With cybersecurity threats on the rise and regulations becoming more stringent, businesses face increasing pressure to establish effective cybersecurity measures. However, many CEOs and leadership teams lack the time and resources to navigate the intricacies of cybersecurity planning and compliance. Rehmann identified this gap and sought to offer a solution through its CyberReady program, aiming to simplify cybersecurity planning and implementation for organizations.

The Strategy

Rehmann’s marketing and communications team devised an integrated marketing campaign that was heavy on digital marketing to raise awareness and generate leads for CyberReady. Recognizing the importance of internal buy-in, the team started with extensive internal education sessions to ensure all associates were equipped to promote the service. This internal groundwork laid the foundation for external lead generation efforts, which included a range of digital tactics such as eblasts, webinars, digital ads and content marketing.

Key Elements of the Campaign

The campaign encompassed various internal and external elements aimed at engaging prospects and driving conversions. The internal education initiative was vital to kickstarting the campaign and preparing associates to refer potential clients to the CyberReady team.

Internal Education

Because the marketing team focused internally first, it led to additional buy-in across the firm. This drove referrals from associates, which is a core strategy of the firm. The internal education elements included:

  • Internal Educational Presentations: Three presentations were conducted for Rehmann’s 900+ associates to educate them about the CyberReady service and prepare them to have educated conversations with their clients. These presentations were made available to the entire firm as well as short 10-minute education sessions to be used in department trainings.
  • Monthly Communication: The CyberReady campaign was discussed in Rehmann’s Empower Hour each month as well as in regional practice growth meetings. In addition, updates were added to the firm’s weekly email blasts as a reminder of the resources and education available.
  • Video and Collateral: Video content and internal collateral, including key talking points, were made available to associates to use with clients.

External Campaign

In addition to all of the internal education, the Rehmann team initiated a robust lead generation campaign that included the following elements:

  • Collateral Materials: A one-page overview and a 5-Step Process Guide were developed to communicate the benefits and process of CyberReady.
  • Webinar Series: A webinar titled “Cybersecurity: Why You Should Give a Dam” provided valuable insights to attendees.
  • Content Marketing: Five short videos that educated prospects on each phase of the process as well as five related articles were distributed through email drips and social media to nurture prospects. This included a LinkedIn article and video targeting professionals on LinkedIn.
  • Advertising: Print ads, a dedicated landing page with infographic, five social graphics with supporting posts, LinkedIn ads and Google PPC ads were all deployed to reach targeted audiences.
  • Dedicated Eblast: A dedicated eblast through Crain’s Detroit targeted key decision-makers in relevant industries.

Results and Return on Investment

Before beginning the campaign, the Rehmann team put a lot of thought and effort into creating goals. Their lead generation campaign goal was to generate marketing qualified leads that resulted in 60 conversations with interested decision makers. The campaign surpassed expectations, yielding impressive results:

  • 328 Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs): The campaign generated 328 MQLs that resulted in 120 conversations – double their initial goal.
  • $93,000 in Earned Revenue: The campaign not only generated leads but also translated into significant revenue for Rehmann.
  • $43,000 in Open Opportunities: The success of the campaign led to additional opportunities for future revenue generation.
  • High Engagement Rates: The dedicated eblast achieved above-average open and click rates, indicating strong engagement from the target audience. The Crain’s Detroit eblast was sent to about 3,500 individuals in the public sector and manufacturing industry, and the open rate for two email sends was 36.33% with an average click rate of 9.68%. This eblast alone generated 20 new leads for the campaign.

Unique Aspects and Success Factors

Several factors contributed to the success of Rehmann’s CyberReady campaign:

  • Client-Centric Approach: The campaign stemmed from innovative thinking and a client-centric mindset, focusing on addressing the specific needs of organizations.
  • Goal-Oriented Strategy: Rehmann set clear goals for the campaign, driving focused efforts toward lead generation and revenue generation.
  • Associate Involvement: Internal education and engagement played a crucial role in garnering support for the campaign and driving referrals.
  • Culture of Innovation: The campaign exemplified Rehmann’s culture of innovation and its ability to adapt quickly to market needs.

Rehmann’s CyberReady campaign exemplifies the effectiveness of a well-executed nurture/lead generation strategy in driving awareness, generating leads and ultimately driving revenue for a new service offering. By leveraging a combination of internal education, targeted digital marketing tactics, and client-centric messaging, Rehmann successfully positioned itself as a trusted advisor in the realm of cybersecurity planning and implementation. As organizations continue to grapple with cybersecurity challenges, campaigns like CyberReady serve as invaluable resources in helping them navigate this complex landscape.

About Rachael McGrew

Rachael McGrew is the Business Development Director for Landmark CPAs, one of Arkansas’ largest accounting firms. In her role, she wears many hats, including overseeing the firm’s marketing and business development strategy, managing internal and external communications, maintaining the firm’s social media and web presence, planning and executing firm events and community outreach programs, assisting with M&A, coordinating recruiting campaigns, and serving on industry association committees. Within AAM, Rachael leads an AAM Circle focused on HubSpot. She is a graduate of the Leadership Fort Smith program and a 40 Under 40 honoree by both the Arkansas Business Journal and the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal. She is also a member of the Associated Builders and Contractors of Arkansas’ Western Council. Rachael holds a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing with a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Central Arkansas and a Technical Certificate in Graphic Design from the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith. She is married to an outgoing entrepreneur she’s known since junior high, and they have a witty teenager they follow around to volleyball practice and tournaments.

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