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From lead generation to the client experience, prioritizing a marketing technology-focused culture with strategic investments is paramount. The marketing tech (MarTech) stack you are building today will bring your firm into tomorrow.  In this Amplify! podcast episode, Danny Estrada, the vice president of consulting at Rare Karma, shares his insights on the transformative role of marketing technology in revolutionizing lead generation processes and strategic growth within accounting firms. With over two decades of experience in CRM evangelism and leveraging technology platforms, Estrada helps firms build a comprehensive roadmap for navigating the complexities of digital transformation.

Building a Foundation for Lead Generation

One of the key elements of success is developing a strategic approach to data management. According to Estrada, “Lead generation is really a critical concept.” he remarks, “If you handed me the keys to run any type of firm or company, finding customers would be paramount.” Central to this endeavor is the utilization of CRM technology, which empowers firms to gather, organize, and qualify leads effectively. “CRM technology gives you the ability to collect relevant information to understand whether a prospect is a viable consumer of your services,” Estrada asserts, highlighting its indispensable role in navigating the evolving landscape of client acquisition.

Navigating the Path to Adoption

While the benefits of CRM adoption are undeniable, there are challenges associated with implementation and utilization. He emphasizes the need for a cultural shift within accounting firms, where CRM adoption is not merely a technical endeavor but a strategic imperative woven into a firm’s growth culture. “Having a CRM is not the same as adopting and using a CRM,” he notes. “The biggest challenge firms face is adopting the practice of using CRM.” To unlock the full potential of a CRM system and drive sustainable growth, team members must commit to using the product and engaging with it as a growth tool.

Integration and Interconnectivity

Estrada underscores the interconnected nature of marketing technologies, advocating for seamless integration across CRM, time and billing systems, and other firm technologies. A cohesive data ecosystem can facilitate cross-selling opportunities, enhance client experiences, and unlock actionable insights for strategic decision-making. “Integration is key,” Estrada affirms. “It’s about breaking down silos and fostering collaboration across the organization.”

Optimizing Marketing Tech Investments

To address budgetary constraints and cost-effectiveness concerns, firms may need to reimagine their perspectives on ROI and operational expenditures. Firms should view MarTech investments not as expenses but as strategic assets that can drive tangible business outcomes and amplify shareholder value. “MarTech investments are the only investments outside of people that can actually pay for themselves,” he asserts. “It’s about investing in tools that can streamline processes, enhance client experiences, and ultimately drive revenue growth.”

Embracing Emerging Marketing Technologies

Looking ahead, Estrada offers insights into emerging trends such as automated enrichment, AI-driven chatbots, and predictive analytics. These technologies have the potential to reshape client interactions, enhance data quality, and drive informed decision-making. “The future of marketing technology is incredibly exciting,” he enthuses. From AI-driven insights to personalized client experiences, these innovations hold the promise of revolutionizing the accounting landscape and driving sustainable growth for firms of all sizes.”

A strategic MarTech stack with robust CRM capabilities is a gateway for sustained growth and future success. Estrada’s expertise is a guiding beacon for accounting firms embarking on digital transformation. With a keen focus on leveraging technology to drive strategic objectives, Estrada’s insights offer invaluable guidance for firms seeking to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


This blog post was written based on content from the latest season of Amplify, the podcast of AAM – dedicated to firm growth. This article is based on Season 5, Episode 3, featuring a conversation with Danny Estrada, partner at Rare Karma. Learn more about the podcast and listen first-hand at

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