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Beginner’s Guide: Simple Ways to Keep Staff Involved in Marketing and BD During Busy Season

“Let’s wait until after the 18th.” It’s a phrase we are all familiar with during the height of the busy season. It can be frustrating as an accounting marketer to put everything on hold, especially during a time when the most people are interacting with your brand.

So, what are some simple ways to keep staff involved, even during busy season?

  1. Ask them to share on social and keep it simple.

In today’s day and age, we know that content is king, but getting your message seen amongst the information overload can be difficult. One simple thing staff can do to help is share on social. The best part – it only takes a minute and a few clicks, so it won’t take up too much of their time. Here are some tips to keep social sharing simple for staff, especially when they are swamped:

  • Provide captions and templates: One of the biggest blockers people face when it comes to social media is knowing what to say. Make it easy for your staff by providing pre-written captions for them to copy and paste when sharing company content.
  • Notify the team: If there is a timely, important piece of content being published, notify the team that it is available and encourage them to share it on their social networks.
  • Create a social media policy: A social media policy is a rulebook for how employees should conduct themselves online. A well-written policy can encourage team-wide social media use. For example, employees worried about making mistakes can use the policy for guidance. They can see what they’re allowed to do and find best practices for each platform.
  1. Increase the focus on client experience.

Rather than focusing on elaborate marketing campaigns, focus on client experience with your existing client base. During busy season, your entire team, from sales to service, will spend more time with customers. With such a high volume comes valuable information.

Discovering what your customers are looking for, asking the right questions and learning what they will need in the coming seasons can help shape the rest of your year. It is also a good opportunity to objectively evaluate current processes in your business and make revisions and changes to increase your team’s productivity and effectiveness.

  1. Make the most out of conversations with clients.

Your clients are right in front of you during busy season, emailing, calling and setting up meetings. Encourage your staff to build marketing and business development into those conversations for cross-servicing and referrals. Here are a few things you should coach staff to do:

  • Ask for a referral: When clients are pleased with your services, ask for a referral. Tell them that you are always looking for other great clients like them. Describe the client size, budget and services you want to grow. Asking a great client for help shows that you value the relationship. They might surprise you with their ideas and connections.
  • Send them to your Google business listing: Ask happy clients to write a quick review for you on Google. All they have to do is click a button on your listing and write a few comments. Ramping up your Google business listing with four and five stars is an easy way to stand out when potential clients are searching for you.
  • Ask for testimonials or case studies: Ask clients for testimonials when you’ve just saved them on taxes or provided them with a clean audit process. Ask them right after a transaction is finalized successfully or when you’ve solved a huge problem. Again, most busy clients won’t think to do it themselves or offer it. But a quick interview with your best clients can result in amazing endorsements of your team and services.

These easy marketing activities during — and after — busy season can keep your firm humming all year long with new potential business and opportunities. Best of all, they don’t take hours and can keep your staff tuned in to marketing and BD without taking up their valuable time.

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