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Eileen Monesson, CPC, principal with PRCounts, is a strategic marketer and coach who creates market-dominating brands.

Illustration of an accounting marketer absorbing written marketing trends for accounting firms|Illustration of an accounting marketer absorbing written marketing trends for accounting firms|Graphical breakdown of Accounting Marketing Budget Increases in 2022|Graphical breakdown of Accounting Marketing Increase Demand for Services in 2022

2022 Marketing Trends for Accounting Firms | Insights from Growth Outlook Survey

By Elieen Monesson / April 14, 2022

Has the pandemic had a lasting effect on operational, business development and marketing strategies or tactics for advisory and accounting firms? The third annual Growth Outlook for CPA Firms study by Inovautus Consulting, in collaboration with the Association for Accounting Marketing, found marketing trends for accounting firms are continuing to…

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Paper Arrows Pointing up representing that accounting firms expect growth in 2021|Paper Arrows Pointing up representing that accounting firms expect growth in 2021

Firms Expect Growth in 2021 Despite the Pandemic

By Elieen Monesson / May 4, 2021

Many believe the investments they made in content marketing will continue to pay off, according to the second of two Growth Outlook Surveys conducted in 2020 by Inovautus Consulting in collaboration with the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM). Firms expect growth to occur in the following areas: Improvement in 2020…

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What Prospects Really Want from Accounting Firms

By Elieen Monesson / February 16, 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and rapidly changing regulations, traditional approaches to connecting with prospective clients have become less effective. Fortunately, a recent Hinge Research Institute’s study, Inside the Buyer’s Brain: Accounting and Financial Services Edition, researched what buyers and sellers find important in a client relationship. The findings provide…

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Growth Outlook Stable but Marketing Budgets Rearranged

By Elieen Monesson / November 3, 2020

While many businesses continue to struggle to adapt to the challenges presented by COVID-19, small and mid-size accounting firms are finding new opportunities, particularly in the area of advisory services. This is leading to an optimistic growth outlook in the industry. Future Growth Outlook A survey of accounting shareholders and…

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Computer with Illustration highlighting content marketing for accounting firms|Computer with Illustration highlighting content marketing for accounting firms

Content Marketing Key for High-Growth Accounting Firms

By Elieen Monesson / August 25, 2020

Digital and content marketing are some of the most efficient ways for accounting firms to showcase their expertise. Yet nearly half of firms are having difficulty generating enough content, in part because accountants traditionally focus more on billable hours instead of marketing activities. Savvy marketers and thought leaders know the…

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Mentoring diversity for a more inclusive accounting workplace

Mentoring Your Way to a More Inclusive Workplace

By Elieen Monesson / April 14, 2020

Like many industries, the accounting profession reflects the longstanding American legacy of the “old boy network.” Most firms are still led by Caucasian men, and some have no women or people of color in leadership at all. But the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) movement is gaining steam in the…

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How Marketers Promote Professional Development|How Marketers Promote Professional Development|How Marketers Promote Professional Development

How Marketers Promote Professional Development

By Elieen Monesson / March 17, 2020

Recruiting and retaining the right mix of talent continues to be a challenge for most accounting firms. Firms that are successful at hiring and keeping employees invest in their personal development through not only technical and soft skills training but also programs focused on individual development. Marketing Departments can have…

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Person working remotely in marketing accounting

Opportunities to Work Remotely Embraced by Accounting

By Elieen Monesson / January 8, 2020

The trend of working remotely has gained popularity over the years and is now a generally accepted policy in many industries, so it is no wonder the accounting industry has followed suit. From a business perspective, allowing employees to work remotely has countless benefits. Many firms going remote see a…

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AAM & AICPA Partnership

Innovative Strategic Partnerships Deepen Industry Specialization

By Elieen Monesson / January 23, 2019

Becca Robson, Ink Craft Content Creations and Laura Sparks, Creative Sparks, LLC   Industry specialization has become one of the most powerful ways to differentiate an accounting firm. As firms look to solidify their reputations as industry experts, many strike up strategic relationships with other businesses that target the same…

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CPA Firm Business Development

Do You Need to Prepare for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

By Elieen Monesson / April 26, 2018

Companies in the European Union (EU) have been preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for a couple of years. As information on GDPR is being covered more frequently by the U.S. media, many firms are beginning to take notice and asking whether or not they will be impacted.…

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