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Becky Livingston is the President and CEO of Penheel Marketing, a NJ-based firm specializing in social media and digital marketing for CPAs and small business owners. With over 25 years of marketing and tech experience, she is also the author of “SEO for CPAs - The Accountant’s SEO Handbook: Get Found Online Organically,” “The Accountant’s Social Media Handbook.” In addition to being a practitioner, Becky is also an adjunct professor and speaker. Connect with Becky or her firm on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

How to Increase Google Analytics Data Retention Controls Beyond 14 Months

By Becky Livingston / March 5, 2024

When Google launched GA4 in 2023, one show-stopping feature was data deprecation. Gak! You might have scrambled to save data from your Universal Analytics account or simply followed the best practice guidance of setting your user and event data retention to 14 months—one of the defaults. But now you’re finding…

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Cartoon bird chirping Twitter Chats for Digital Marketers into a megaphone

Twitter Chats – More Than Online Chatter

By Becky Livingston / March 10, 2020

As a marketing professional, I’m always looking for tips to help make my job easier, faster, and more effective. I also like to share marketing tips with my clients to help them do the same. As a Twitter fan, I find Twitter chats for digital marketers fun to engage with…

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Auditor Proud Day|

Auditor Proud Day – Fun Ways Your Firm Can Participate

By Becky Livingston / September 11, 2019

Auditor Proud Day has taken place on the fourth Thursday of September for the past five years. This year it’s on September 26. has some video training resources for audit teams, such as a meeting between the audit managers and the company controller, evaluating controls over a pre-paid insurance…

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Social Media Day featured image - image of a man on his smart phone and another hand holding a phone. The caption reads: "What best practices

Happy Social Media Day! Social Media Tips from Our Experts

By Becky Livingston / June 20, 2019

Social Media Day is June 30. It was founded back in 2010 by Mashable. The best thing about Social Media Day is that you can celebrate on any social media network you want! In honor of the day, our members share some of their social media best practices, hacks, and…

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How Accounting Marketers Can Leverage AI and ML

By Becky Livingston / May 22, 2019

Even though artificial intelligence (AI) in its purest sense has been around since the 1950’s, machine learning (ML), the aspect we are all investigating today, is still rather new. As accounting marketers, there are many ways we can take advantage of AI and ML in our day-to-day tasks, as well…

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How Firms Can Use Voice to Dominate Search and Social

By Becky Livingston / June 20, 2018

If your clients use a smart phone to communicate, read news, or get information for their business, you might want to consider the power of voice search in your marketing efforts.   Voice in Search Tools likes Alexa and Siri have been on the scene for a while. How can…

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CPA Firm Business Development

4 Social Media Marketing Trends Impacting Firms in 2018

By Becky Livingston / April 4, 2018

By: Becky Livingston   Just when you think you’ve got a solid social media marketing strategy for your firm, things shift. That’s one of the exciting things about social media, but also one of its biggest challenges. Here are four trends that will impact firm’s social media efforts in 2018.…

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