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Lead generation has undergone a profound transformation in recent years. Accounting firms, once reliant on traditional methods, are now harnessing the power of digital platforms to drive growth and secure quality leads. In a recent Amplify! podcast discussion with David Toth, chief growth officer at Winding River Consulting, he shared the intricacies of this digital revolution and the strategies shaping the future of lead generation.

Unlocking the Power of Digital Leads

Can firms truly generate quality leads online? Toth shared instances where clients have secured deals worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, all originating from online interactions. This paradigm shift underscores the untapped potential of digital channels and signals a new era in lead generation.

Central to this digital transformation is the role of the website. Toth aptly describes it as the “virtual front door” of accounting firms. In today’s digital age, where first impressions are paramount, a well-crafted website serves as a powerful differentiator. It not only showcases expertise but also establishes credibility and beats the competition.

Search engine optimization (SEO) then becomes the cornerstone of online visibility, making it imperative to optimize websites and content to rank higher in search engine results. With evolving search trends and AI-driven queries, firms must adapt their SEO strategies to remain competitive in an ever-changing landscape.

Harnessing MarTech for Growth

Marketing technology (MarTech) plays a pivotal role in driving leads and streamlining marketing efforts. From CRM systems to marketing automation tools, the tech stack forms the foundation of digital growth. Toth underscores the importance of effective data management and aligning technology with business objectives to maximize returns.

You can’t do much with MarTech if you don’t have content – it’s the linchpin in the digital lead generation arsenal. Use it to address key questions and pain points throughout the buyer’s journey. From blog posts to videos and white papers, each content type serves a specific purpose in nurturing leads and driving conversions.

Sharing content requires a cultural shift toward embracing digital channels. This requires leadership buy-in, niche-focused strategies, and a clear understanding of audience preferences. Leveraging platforms like LinkedIn and adopting a data-driven approach can maximize efforts.

Debunking the Digital Advertising Myth

When asked about the effectiveness of digital advertising, Toth offers a nuanced perspective. He acknowledges the importance of platforms like Google PPC and Facebook ads, particularly in brand visibility and retargeting efforts. However, he cautions against relying solely on these channels for organic lead generation, citing concerns about conversion rates and ROI. While PPC can serve as a valuable lever for brand visibility, a holistic approach to digital advertising is needed.

In accounting, LinkedIn emerges as a key platform for targeted advertising. It does include a higher cost per click, but its potential for reaching specific demographics within the accounting industry is greater. By targeting individuals rather than search terms, firms can tailor their messaging and engage with decision-makers more effectively.

However, Toth advises against viewing LinkedIn as a top-of-funnel solution for organic leads. While it can amplify visibility and promote webinars, he suggests allocating advertising budgets strategically, focusing on channels that offer the best return on investment.

The Importance of Lead Qualification and Follow-Up

The goal of digital marketing is to generate leads, making follow-up a critical aspect of the digital demand strategy. Firms need to prioritize data intelligence and establish clear processes for qualifying and nurturing leads. Toth advocates for a collaborative approach between marketing and business development teams, ensuring seamless progression through the sales funnel.

The user experience can be heightened with website personalization and dynamic content. By leveraging data analytics, firms can tailor their messaging and offerings based on individual preferences, ultimately driving engagement and conversion.

Digital’s Integral Role in Modern Lead Gen

Digital marketing continues to evolve but remains imperative to lead generation strategies. By embracing a data-driven approach and prioritizing targeted engagement, firms can maximize the impact of their digital marketing efforts in an increasingly competitive landscape. Further, firms can use digital advertising to connect with their target audience and drive results. However, success in digital advertising requires a nuanced approach, incorporating data intelligence, targeted engagement, and continuous optimization.

By embracing best practices and staying abreast of industry trends, businesses can maximize the impact of their digital marketing efforts and achieve their growth objectives.


This blog post was written based on content from the latest season of Amplify, the podcast of AAM – dedicated to firm growth. This article is based on Season 5, Episode 1, featuring a conversation with David Toth, chief growth officer at Wind River Consulting. Learn more about the podcast and listen first-hand at

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