2024 Association for Accounting Marketing Biennial Compensation Survey Report

2024 Association for Accounting Marketing Biennial Compensation Survey Report

Accounting Marketing & BD Professionals are ‘Aligned for Action’

More Data on Salaries, Specialization & Succession Opportunities


MAY 14, 2024 — The Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) has released the results of its 2024 Biennial Compensation Survey this week. Survey data reveals that marketers, business development and practice growth leaders are highly valued for building sophisticated strategies. However, a new challenge is emerging to identify knowledge gaps between strategic professionals and the technical team members they oversee in creative and specialist roles. To win the talent war, firms should identify new seats at the leadership table and plan for continuity. 

Key Insights:

  • Salary increases over the past two years appear to be influenced more by years of experience and size of firm than by regional salary differences, however…
  • Firms reported that future hybrid and remotely employed hires may be impacted more by regional salary/wage considerations than professionals who joined the industry five years ago.
  • Marketing and business development leaders can advance to partner/owner positions in many firms, however, it is still rare among firms participating in this survey.
  • Turnover of marketing and business development personnel has been low at all responding firms over the past two years, a good sign of investment in marketing continuity.
  • Increased use of technology platforms in marketing and business development is driving certifications in Google, CRM, AI and others…resulting in new technical career pathways as well as differentiation in skill sets among strategic leaders.
  • Popular perks among firms continue to be flexible and remote or hybrid work schedules, while more unique benefits such as pet care stipends and caretaker/elder care support are helping firms differentiate for recruitment at all levels of experience. More data on benefits and perks is found in the full report.

The full report offers low, mid and high salary averages for eight different segments of marketing and business development generalists and executive leaders. In addition, 200+ unique team roles are represented, and the report outlines career paths for 10 different common specialist roles along with their salary ranges.

Takeaways for small, mid-sized and large firms are addressed in the report to support team momentum and advancement at all levels of marketing and business development. This includes top roles added at small, mid-sized and large firms.

Just 15 years ago, certified public accounting and advisory firms had a functional perception of marketing and business development. Partner relationships and skills drove revenue and client experience. This is still a critical component of growth, but today these leaders don’t have to do it alone. The AAM Biennial Compensation Survey is the only survey that measures the evolution of accounting marketing and business development careers, compensation and benefits since 2010. Seeking pulse points and leading indicators of this specialized field, the report delivers analysis and recommendations to advance the profession.

The 2024 survey included just over 100 responses from the highest level of accounting marketing leaders in the U.S., serving firms of all sizes and revenue. Among respondents, the compensation data they shared included more than 200 unique marketing and business development positions, their respective wage/salary information and levels of experience. Approximately 98% of survey participants are members of AAM. The Association for Accounting Marketing 2024 Biennial Compensation Survey is a collaboration between AAM and Ingenuity Marketing Group, LLC, dedicated to providing valuable data on marketing and business development professional compensation and benefits within the public accounting and advisory services industry.


About AAM

The Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) was formed to advance the career development of growth professionals in the accounting and advisory profession through professional development, thought leadership, and a vibrant community of peers. Founded in 1989, the association has nearly 1,000 members comprising marketing professionals, business developers, CPAs, consultants, service providers, partners and firm administrators. AAM is dedicated to helping its members become valued practitioners and executive leaders. To learn more about AAM, visit



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