Social Media Strategies for CPA Firm Success: Insights from AAM’s Virtual Campfire

In the ever-evolving realm of social media, many topics impact a firm’s success. From content strategy to employee advocacy to the role of AI tools, there is a multifaceted landscape of social media marketing. Social media isn’t a metric for marketers to measure. It’s a way to sustain success in today’s dynamic, digital landscape.

November’s Virtual Campfire looked at how accounting firms are using social media, and here are some key insights gleaned from the insightful conversation:

Content Strategy Leans Personal

The debate around thought leadership took center stage, with one bold marketer challenging its effectiveness in driving engagement. Instead, the consensus favored personal stories imbued with authenticity and vulnerability. This shift necessitates firm leaders, particularly marketers, to lead by example, emphasizing the value of personal branding. However, many leaders tend to delegate social media posting to their marketing teams, making authenticity more challenging.

Employee Advocacy Must Be Encouraged

Traditionally, marketing teams create thought leadership or culture-positive content, which partners then share. However, an alternative model has partners writing in their own voice, reaching their unique circles of influence. The marketing team then amplifies this content to wider firm channels using tools like Sprout Social and ClearviewSocial.

Video and Audio Formats Stand Out

The exploration of impactful content led to a focus on video, with discussions on platforms such as LinkedIn Live and Facebook Live. However, most marketers leaned toward the ease of managing pre-recorded and uploaded content. A couple of participants shared their preference for audio clips, often enhanced with animated graphics. Regardless, it’s important to add captions to boost engagement, and CapCut emerged as a recommended tool.

AI Tools Help With Content Creation

As the conversation naturally veered into the realm of AI, ChatGPT emerged as a widely adopted tool for crafting social media posts. Participants shared insights into using prompts to ensure the AI captures their unique voice. Other tools mentioned included Jasper and Canva’s bulk content creation feature, showcasing the growing integration of AI in social media strategies.

For a deeper dive into the topic of AI, explore this recent blog post: Generative AI: How Accounting Marketers Can Navigate the Opportunity and Obstacles of ChatGPT.

Encouraging Non-Marketers to Engage

A standout idea presented was using recurring meetings to encourage non-marketers to actively participate in social media. This collaborative effort involves practitioners at all career levels scrolling through their social media feeds, generously commenting, or sharing timely insights from their respective fields. This collective engagement fosters a sense of community and widens the impact of social media efforts beyond the marketing team.

Collaboration Fuels Engagement

Whether rethinking thought leadership, exploring new models of employee advocacy, experimenting with video and audio formats or leveraging AI tools, there are lots of options for navigating the social media landscape. Regardless of what you do, remember that social media’s power lies not just in its platforms and tools but in authentic stories.

And, perhaps more importantly, it’s collaboration amongst all team members that will help your firm get meaningful engagement from clients and prospects. This engagement plays a pivotal role in the success of your practitioners, your firm, and your brand. Use social media to create meaningful connections and the loyal community it’s meant to create.

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