March 2023: How to Capitalize on Marketing in an Economic Downturn

Beginner’s Guide: “Let’s wait until after the 18th.” It’s a phrase we are all familiar with during the height of the busy season. It can be frustrating as an accounting marketer to put everything on hold, especially during a time when most people are interacting with your brand. This article highlights some simple ways to keep staff involved in marketing and BD during busy season.

Seasoned Marketer: Difficult conversations can be painful. Today, more than ever, accounting firms are taking a real hard look at their clients and becoming even more selective. Instead of having the “it’s not you, it’s me” conversation or not having the discussion at all, marketing can drive change and enable leadership to be prepared for these situations. Here’s how.

Articles of Interest: Providing value as an accounting marketer during tax season (and beyond) is not only important, but necessary. Especially during this time of economic uncertainty, there are plenty of ways to promote your key services and spread your message in a compassionate and genuine way. Here are some articles that further explore this concept.

Infographic: Trying to maintain a positive client experience during what some may call an economic downturn, can be challenging. Luckily, we have four tips for you in this infographic.

Business Development:

Robust pipelines, high fee quotes, escalating minimums, stringent qualification questions and new client waiting lists. This has been the definition of new business development at many CPA firms for about the last year. For many firms, it reflects an about-face from what they knew and experienced throughout their entire careers.
But, just as quickly as this paradigm shift arrived, it could shift back. Here are some tips for selling on the verge of a downturn.

Meet a Member: With over 20 years of accounting marketing experience, Jaimi is always looking for new, innovative ways for her firm to stay ahead of the curve, to communicate to clients and the community about the firm and to make sure the firm is always well-represented. She enjoys working with the various leaders of her firm to implement strategic marketing plans that will fit with the firm’s growth goals. Jaimi is also a 10-time AAM-MAA winner for various marketing initiatives. Learn more about Jaimi in this month’s Meet a Member.

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