Meet a Member: Jaimi Koechel

Jaimi Koechel, Director, Marketing – Baker Tilly US, LLP


  • Name: Jaimi Koechel
  • Title: Director, Marketing
  • Years of Experience: 20
  • College Name & Degree(s): Arizona State University West – Bachelor of Applied Science, Communications
  • Firm Name: Baker Tilly US, LLP
  • Firm City & State: Chicago, IL
  • Firm Size: 10th largest accounting firm in the U.S. with over 6,000 employees and 550 partners
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Professional Memberships:
    • Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM)
  • Community Involvement:
    • Teacher Art Masterpiece monthly at a local elementary school
  • LinkedIn Profile:
  • Bio: With over 20 years of accounting marketing experience, Jaimi is always looking for new, innovative ways for her firm to stay ahead of the curve, to communicate to clients and the community about the firm and to make sure the firm is always well-represented. She enjoys working with the various leaders of her firm to implement strategic marketing plans that will fit with the firm’s growth goals. Jaimi is also a 10-time AAM-MAA winner for various marketing initiatives.


  • What is a “must know” for new accounting marketers?
    • Your partners won’t know they need you at the table until you show them that they need you at the table.
  • What are your special skills, or what is something people may not know about you?
    • A special skill of mine is my ability to adapt to changes and challenges with a positive outlook. I am open and willing to learn new things and take on new challenges without crumbling under pressure. I don’t let fear hold me back; instead, I adapt. I don’t see “no” as a negative, but instead as an opportunity to try again and challenge myself to turn that “no” into a “yes.”
  • How do times of economic uncertainty change the way that you approach marketing? Are there any ways that marketing teams can help their firms navigate economic shifts?
    • With budget cuts being inevitable, I would pivot and look at ways to market the firm that cost little to no money but can still make a big impact. If you haven’t already, you could develop a digital content plan to increase your search engine rankings and increase your online leads. Review your social media content calendar and see where there is opportunity to increase your content, while also being a bit more strategic about what you post and who you are tagging to get more reach. Do you have a social media culture at your firm? If not, you could create one since there is no additional cost there unless you are looking into investing in a platform. With the economic uncertainty, you will be tasked to cut your already thin budget, so make sure you think outside of the box to keep your marketing engine going.
  • How do you handle adjusting your marketing budget during economic downturn?
    • This can be tough, especially when many firms are asking you not to spend any money at all or to drastically cut your budget down to nothing. I say first, start with the unnecessary spend of certain sponsorships or events that do not contribute to the growth of your firm. This is a very easy way to get rid of expenses that you feel are not part of your growth plan. Plus, it’s even easier to not add them back into your budget for the upcoming years.
  • How do you maintain a growth mindset in times where your firm is experiencing issues with capacity and disengaging clients?
    • All firms are feeling capacity issues right now, but one benefit of working at a large firm is the sharing of resources. If one of the partners in another state is having capacity concerns, they can leverage the firm’s national resources and see where they can use a team member that does have capacity. For those that do not work at a national firm, I wonder if you can use the same sharing of resources within the accounting alliance or association your firm is involved with.
  • How do you market to prospective new clients who are also feeling the strain of the current economic climate?
    • You need to be a good listener and have compassion for whatever situation the prospective client is facing. Let them feel they can trust you and count on you through this difficult time. Also, make sure you are taking care of your employees who are taking care of your clients. If your employees are taken care of and happy, this will translate down to your current clients. If your clients are happy, especially during uncertainty, they can serve as the best advocates and referral sources by spreading the word to their contacts.
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