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Amplify | Crafting Winning Digital Marketing Campaigns

Discover the symphony of successful campaigns, aligning metrics with goals, and tailored strategies for the accounting industry. In this episode of Amplify!, Apoorv Dwivedi, founder of Fixyr Marketing, shares a wealth of knowledge on crafting winning digital marketing campaigns, effective email strategies, and the importance of data-driven decision-making. You can revolutionize your approach to campaign optimization and engagement.

Orchestrating Your Campaign

Dwivedi compares a successful campaign to a well-conducted symphony, emphasizing the need for a unified approach with clear goals. Likening it to the meticulous strategies employed in political campaigns – highlighting the importance of tailoring every element toward achieving the desired outcome – Dwivedi also talks about different types of email campaigns, such as drip and nurture sequences, explaining their effectiveness in nurturing leads and driving engagement.

Aligning Your Metrics with Your Goals

When it comes to measuring success, Dwivedi stresses the importance of aligning your metrics with your campaign objectives. Whether it’s boosting engagement, generating leads, or nurturing prospects, the success metrics should directly reflect the campaign’s overall goals. Dwivedi emphasizes the importance of setting clear objectives and segmenting your target audience. “Tailoring content to resonate with the unique needs of the audience and delivering it through a myriad of channels is paramount to success,” he added, emphasizing the need for a cohesive and personalized approach.

Adapting Strategies for the Accounting Industry

Dwivedi acknowledged the unique considerations for the accounting industry when it comes to marketing. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strong reputation and avoiding tactics that could be perceived as spammy. Understanding these nuances is crucial for navigating the industry successfully.

Data and Automation

Campaigns can be rerun with updates and targeted toward different audience segments. Data gleaned from previous campaigns provides valuable insights for future strategies, allowing for continuous improvement and optimization.

Utilizing automation, a marketer can streamline repetitive tasks that can help deliver personalized content based on user behavior. While there are technical considerations, automation tools are now more accessible than ever, allowing marketers to unlock significant efficiency gains.

Prioritizing Leads

Lead scoring, another topic of discussion, is a method for quantifying lead quality based on engagement metrics. Dwivedi explains the process of assigning scores to leads, emphasizing its value in prioritizing follow-up actions and optimizing the lead nurturing process.


This blog post was written based on content from the latest season of Amplify, the podcast of AAM – dedicated to firm growth. This article is based on Season 6, Episode 5, featuring a conversation with Apoorv Dwivedi, founder of Fixyr MarketingLearn more about the podcast and listen first-hand at

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Cassy Clayman is Marketing and Communication Coordinator for Topel Forman where she strategizes and plans content and other marketing programs to grow the accounting firm’s brand. She is a member of the AAM Podcast Committee where she contributes in a number of areas including content strategy and production.

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