January 2024: A Deep Dive Into Paid Advertising

Seasoned Marketer: In this era of constant connectivity, where attention is a limited commodity, paid advertising can give firms the extra boost they need to rise above the noise and ensure key messages are heard. But how can you develop an effective paid advertising strategy? This article explores some key steps and questions to ask along the way.

Beginner’s Guide: Creating an effective paid advertising and digital marketing strategy for accounting recruiting involves a combination of targeted approaches to reach and connect with the right candidates. Is paid advertising part of your firm’s overall recruiting strategy? Unsure where to start? This article discusses tactics to consider as you develop an effective paid advertising strategy.

Hot Topic/Infographic: Launching a paid advertising campaign can be overwhelming. This infographic will help set your firm up for success. If you follow these steps, your firm will get impactful and results.

Meet a Member: Meet Becky Livingston, Owner and CEO of Penheel Marketing. Interested in learning more about Becky? Check out this month’s Meet a Member or join Becky as she hosts our AAM High! Webinar: Crack the Code to Paid Search Success on January 25.

Business Development: In today’s dynamic business landscape, sales and marketing are no longer siloed departments operating independently. Instead, they are two sides of the same coin, working in tandem to drive revenue growth and achieve business objectives. This is especially true in accounting firms, where complex solutions and consultative selling require a deep understanding of customer needs and a personalized approach to building relationships. Learn More in this article on Business Development.

December 2023 New Members: 

Amanda Keefer, Cherry Bekaert
Amy Suiter, Cherry Bekaert
Carolyn Wagner-Schmitz, Cherry Bekaert
Kate Dharma, Cherry Bekaert
Kathleen Lynch, Schneider Downs & Co.
Lindsey McCay, Cherry Bekaert
Maddy Monday, McGuire Sponsel
Maggie Korn, Cherry Bekaert
Maria Campbell, Cherry Bekaert
Martin Nalbandian, EisnerAmper
Matt Volpe, Cherry Bekaert
Melanie Lusby, Cherry Bekaert
Michael Antovski, UHY Advisors, Inc.
Michelle Dionisio, EisnerAmper
Michelle Thompson, Cherry Bekaert
Naomi Harper, Cherry Bekaert
Natalie Richey, EisnerAmper
Sarah Holland, Cherry Bekaert
Shreya Acharya, Prager Metis CPAs
Suzanne Forbes, James Moore & Co.
Tia Ellison, Louis Plung & Company, LLP
Tom Barry, GHJ
Veronica Vannoy, Cherry Bekaert
Vince Benson, Herbein + Company, Inc.
Vivian Rodick, Cherry Bekaert