August 2023: Time to level up your MarTech Stack?

Articles of Interest: As Martech continuously becomes a more relevant (and popular) term for marketers, the content produced on this subject is starting to dominate the internet. We have 4 helpful resources to help your firm navigate into the Martech world.

Beginner’s Guide & Seasoned Marketer: Marketing technology (MarTech) includes a vast range of software and tools that assist in achieving marketing goals and objectives. CRMs, social media scheduling platforms, graphic design/video editing tools, website hosting software and data analytics software are all examples of MarTech. In this article, three AAM members provide some insights as to the MarTech tools their firms use, what they use each tool for and what other MarTech tools are on their wish lists.

Meet a Member: Sunny Ricks is the Director of Marketing Communications at Warren Averett. In this month’s Meet a Member, Sunny shares more about her tech stack and her advice for those looking to expand theirs.

Business Development: When it comes to technology, the big questions firms ask are: what technology are people using, how it makes a difference and where to get started. But how does this MarTech conversation impact full-time business developers as well as partners that have BD responsibilities? It comes down to engagement — within the team and with clients and prospects. Read the full article for more.

July New Members:

Abigail Yackley, Meaden & Moore
Andrew Clark, Andrew Clark
Andrew Litchford, Starling Digital
Brandon Ferris, Winding River Consulting
Frank Hewitt, Wipfli, LLP
Heather Heah, FORVIS, LLP
Isabel Pagliazzo, The Innovative CPA Group
JoAnne Starks, AAFCPAs
Leo Ebbert, CPA Digital Pro
Meredith Suttle, Suttle & Stalnaker
Michelle Waddle, FORVIS, LLP
Mike Ditch, Allen Gibbs & Houlik LC
Siouxsie Jennett, Mambo Media
Toni Sing, Christianson PLLP