October 2023: Client Experience

Beginner’s Guide: The way a customer feels about their experience with your company can truly make or break your business. Learn what the client experience entails and how to start improving it in this article.

Seasoned Marketer: Client experience is at the heart of any successful business. How your clients perceive your brand, products and services directly impacts their satisfaction and loyalty. Consider the five dos and don’ts in this article to ensure you deliver an exceptional client experience.

Articles of Interest: Are you launching a client experience program at your firm or looking to learn more about the client experience hype everyone is talking about? Look at these trending articles focused on client experience to learn more!

Meet a Member: Jade Reichling is the Director, Client Experience at Eisner Amper. Learn more about Jade, including what she has had to learn the hard way, in this month’s Meet a Member.

Business Development: At its core, the business development process is more successful and pleasant when we approach it through the lens of client experience, transforming revenue generation into an act of serving versus an act of selling. Once you understand that selling is an act of service, these four client experience principles can help you elevate your ability to drive new business development.

September New Members: 

Aaron Adamson, PPC Profit Pros
Antonio Masone, Masone and Company CPA
Chad Coleman, Larson Gross
Cheri Husney, Aprio
Donea Boiner, Apple Growth Partners
Ellianna Reale, Crowe BGK
Hannah Hasinski, PipelinePlus
Janice Kaplan, James Moore & Co.
Jason Hendrix, James Moore & Co.
Justin Ly, Withum, Smith & Brown, CPAs
Kaila Yim, Froehling Anderson
Katie Humphreys, Brady Ware
Laura Kelley, Simon Lever
Michael Biasco, Wipfli, LLP
Ronielle Roberts, BerryDunn
Wendy Geraci, LGA, LLP