AAM Announces 2024 Individual Marketing Achievement Award Recipients

May 14, 2024 (Lexington, KY) – The Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM), the leading resource for growth professionals in the accounting and advisory profession, announced the recipients of its individual Marketing Achievement Awards (MAA) this morning during its Annual Summit. Individual awards are presented annually in recognition of outstanding achievements in the profession, as well as contributions to AAM.


Becca Johns and Sarah Dobek Inducted into the AAM Hall of Fame

Being inducted into the AAM Hall of Fame is the highest honor in the field of accounting marketing and growth. Inductees must have ten years or more of service and be known for their outstanding accomplishments as leaders of the association and in the profession. This year AAM proudly inducted two exceptional professionals into the Hall of Fame.

Becca Johns’ journey from Marketing Coordinator to Director of Practice Growth at Rea & Associates exemplifies her strategic acumen and innovative approach. Fostering creative solutions and driving robust growth for her firm, Becca has employed various targeted marketing strategies in her leadership tenure which have also earned multiple AAM Marketing Achievement awards. An active member of AAM since 2005, Becca has held various key roles including AAM President and chair of multiple committees, underscoring her dedication to advancing the profession.

Sarah Dobek, as the founder and President of Inovautus Consulting, has profoundly influenced the accounting sector. Her leadership in driving strategic innovation and adaptation through platforms like CPAsNET has equipped numerous firms to meet contemporary challenges, ensuring their continued relevance and competitiveness. Her thought leadership extends beyond her consultancy, as she is a frequent speaker at major industry events and a prolific contributor to industry publications. Sarah is also an active member on AAM’s Environmental Scanning Council.

Both Becca and Sarah are not only lauded for their individual contributions but also for their collaborative efforts in advancing the profession. Their induction into the Hall of Fame is a testament to their innovative spirit, impactful careers, and unwavering commitment to the accounting marketing community.


Katie Tolin Named Volunteer of the Year

AAM’s Volunteer of the Year award recognizes dedication to the association, involvement on committees and/or special projects, as well as professional accomplishments.

Since joining AAM in 2003, Katie Tolin, Chief Growth Guide of CPA Growth Guides, has consistently gone above and beyond in her volunteer roles, bringing innovative ideas and expert insights that have greatly enriched our community. Her tenure on the Board, including a pivotal year as Board President, and her influential work on the Podcast, Blog, and Website Committees have not only enhanced the quality of AAM’s resources but also expanded their reach, helping the association connect with a broader audience.

Katie’s leadership has been instrumental in several important initiatives, particularly in her role in the Strategic Alliance Workgroup, where she helped forge critical partnerships with leading organizations such as the AICPA and These collaborations have strengthened AAM’s network and enhanced their standing within the accounting profession. Furthermore, her ongoing efforts to promote the association through webinars, podcasts, and speaking engagements both domestically and internationally underscore her role as an exceptional ambassador for AAM’s strategic mission.

Katie’s unwavering commitment and visionary leadership truly embody the spirit of the AAM, making her a deserving recipient of this year’s Volunteer of the Year award.


Glen Carmichael Honored as Rookie of the Year

A marketer on the rise demonstrating distinction in the field, the Rookie of the Year shows creativity, initiative and ambition at their firm.

Glen Carmichael has demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication since joining her firm, YHB | CPAs & Consultant, two years ago as a Digital Marketing Coordinator. Her remarkable ability to innovate and implement strategic digital marketing initiatives has significantly surpassed expectations, setting new standards for engagement and conversion across various digital platforms.

Glen’s transformative impact on her firm’s digital marketing strategies has not only enhanced brand visibility but also improved interaction rates dramatically. Her pioneering efforts in integrating new marketing technologies and launching an internal clothing store exemplify her creativity and versatility. Additionally, her leadership in expanding the firm’s newsletter distribution to over 55,000 recipients, boosting event attendance to 3,200, and managing over 23 educational webinars speaks volumes of her capabilities. Her strategies have also significantly increased the firm’s blog readership to over 64,000 users annually, demonstrating her ability to generate content that resonates strongly with the audience. Her initiatives have led to a remarkable 30% year-over-year increase in lead generation, underscoring her invaluable role within her firm and her profound impact on the market.

Beyond her professional achievements, Glen’s active involvement with AAM, including chairing a committee, showcases her commitment to the profession and her emerging leadership within the industry. Glen’s dedication and exceptional contributions make her the ideal recipient of this year’s Rookie of the Year award.


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