Dreher Named AAM’s 2024 Marketer of the Year

Lexington, KY (May 14, 2024) – Stacy Dreher, Director of Practice Growth at James Moore & Co., has been honored with the Association for Accounting Marketing’s (AAM) 2024 Marketer of the Year award. This prestigious award recognizes a marketing professional who has shown outstanding performance in the field of accounting marketing. The accolade was officially announced on May 13 at the AAM’s Annual Summit.

In her capacity at James Moore & Co., Stacy leads the firm’s strategic marketing and business development initiatives, encompassing a broad scope of responsibilities including client experience, business development, digital marketing, product management, and all initiatives to bring on new clients and grow current clients.

Since joining the firm in 2014, Stacy has leveraged her extensive background in both the legal and accounting sectors to enhance the firm’s market presence and client engagement significantly. Her innovative approach to marketing has been pivotal in reshaping the firm’s marketing and sales strategies to align with their strategic growth initiatives, revamping their marketing technology stack, and boosting sales and digital marketing strategies to attract high-value clients.

Stacy remarked, “I’m thrilled to receive this recognition, which reflects the success of our firm’s focused growth strategies. By refining our niche strategies, enhancing our digital marketing efforts, and providing extensive business development training and support, we’ve seen significant increases in pipeline value and average deal size. These achievements demonstrate our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients and driving sustainable growth.”

Under her leadership, the firm has not only seen an increase in revenue but has also expanded its services and client base significantly. Stacy played a key role in the integration of innovative marketing technologies and the development of strategic partnerships that have both broadened the firm’s reach and deepened its market impact.

“Stacy’s contributions have been transformative, extending beyond mere economic gains to substantially enhance our strategic positioning,” stated Suzanne Forbes, Managing Partner at James Moore & Co. “Her visionary leadership and relentless pursuit of excellence have been crucial in our continued growth and success.”

Beyond her professional achievements, Stacy is an active member in AAM and other industry associations, contributing to various committees and initiatives that aim to advance the profession of accounting marketing.


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