September 2023: How to Elevate Your Firm with the Right Data

Beginners Guide: Accounting marketers today have access to more data than ever before, and understanding how to use it has never been more essential. But how should you use data analytics as an accounting marketer and how can it benefit your clients? Learn more in this article.

Meet a Member: Susan Gorham is the Director of Marketing for Gross, Mendelsohn & Associates in Baltimore, MD. Susan has 30 years of accounting marketing experience and serves on AAM’s Data Analytics Committee. Learn more about Susan in this month’s Meet a Member.

Articles of Interest: Our September Articles of Interest include an overview of data analytics and how to use it for customer segmentation and personalization, along with discussing how to use data in your recruiting and retention efforts. Curious how you can use data analytics to develop your performance and KPI metrics? Read more here!

Seasoned Marketer: Today more than ever, data analytics is an essential tool marketers need and use to make informed decisions. With the amount of data available, it can be overwhelming and simply too time consuming to analyze it manually. Artificial intelligence has transformed the process, and today, we have countless tools to handle and interpret large sets of data quickly and accurately. Check out AAM’s Data Analytics Committee’s top AI tools for data analytics for marketing here.

Business Development: In this article, we will explore three critical data points that should be considered as you target prospects for the firm. Probe these areas to see what specific data points will help you make the biggest impact.

August 2023 AAM New Members

Amanda Waldmann, CPA.com
Carmen Lo, Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC
Cathie Hunt, Cathie Hunt CPA Professional Corporation
Chris Lanciotti, Katz, Sapper & Miller, LLP
Emily Martin, Calvetti Ferguson
Jason Lucio, Jason Lucio, CPA
Jennifer Brown, Pease Bell CPAs
Lauren Myers, CPA FMA
Luke Peters, Clark Nuber PS
Marshall Shepherd, Melton & Melton, LLP
Melanie Beckenbach, Melton & Melton
Melinda Bentley, Texas Society of CPAs
Melissa Foster, Right Networks