December 2023: AAM Minute’s Favorite Things of 2023

What tool do you need to make 2024 a success? We asked our committee members to share what tool they can’t live without. Read on to hear what they have to say.

Pingboard: There are so many marketing tools that we can’t live without, but there is one special tool that helps to connect your employees and streamline communication- Pingboard! Help your employees connect a face to a name and improve your overall firm culture with this automated tool. Keep your employees and their information organized and help managers drive employee engagement.  Check out Pingboard today!

Melt Water: In this video, Olivia Collins shares her favorite tool of 2023, Melt Water!

Microsoft360 Suite: Integrating Power BI, GA4 and Microsoft Teams, marketing teams can enhance their analytics capabilities, improve collaboration and make informed decisions based on real-time data insights. This integrated approach can contribute to the overall success and efficiency of your marketing initiatives and encourage you to try it out!

Click-Up: Leo Ebbert shares his favorite tool, Click up, in this video!

HubSpot: HubSpot has long been recognized for its powerful platform, and in 2023, it upped its game by integrating cutting-edge AI features. In this video, Rachel Pompeani briefly discusses the power of HubSpot’s AI and how leveraging it can elevate your firm’s capabilities.

Looker Studio: Learn why Looker Studio is a tool that Megan O’Donnell can’t live without in this video!

Grammarly: Grammarly is a tool that I use every day to write more effectively and efficiently. With three tiers, including a free option, it is a great resource for those in marketing. It provides suggestions for tone, vocabulary, clarity, and more. This video breaks down some of the features and benefits of Grammarly and why I consider it a must-have.

November 2023 New Members: 

Alex Polamero, Ninestone Marketing
Alexandra Wilson, Keiter
Amanda Morgason, FORVIS, LLP
Ashley Prusak, Cherry Bekaert
Blake Oliver, Earmark
Chantal Spector, WBL CPAs + Advisors
Christopher Martin, James Moore & Co.
Coleen Moore, Keiter
Delisa Winston, Keiter
Donna Hammett, FORVIS, LLP
Geraldine Grady, FORVIS, LLP
Hayley White, FORVIS, LLP
Jessie Rotton, FORVIS, LLP
Krista Westfall, Anders CPAs + Advisors
Laura Atwater, Cherry Bekaert
Libby Newman, FORVIS, LLP
Lynda Wheatley, Rehmann
Marissa Mayer, Vesta
Martha Dumas, FORVIS, LLP
Mary Alison Sides, FORVIS, LLP
Megan Zinger, FORVIS, LLP
Meghan Grumbach, Aiwyn
Michele Stillwell, MarksNelson
Mimi Pham, Tonneson + Co
Mindy Ferguson, FORVIS, LLP
Miranda Junga, Rehmann
Samantha Brege, Rehmann
Sarah Hatterle, MarksNelson
Sarah Peyok, FORVIS, LLP
Tonya St. Clair, Wipfli, LLP
Tracy Brandenburg, FORVIS, LLP