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Seasoned Marketer: How to Get Phygital in Your Marketing Efforts

When I first learned the term “phygital” I had to do a double take and go to the most reliable source – Google, to learn its meaning. So, what exactly does it mean and why should marketers be aware of this term?

The Marketing Insider Group defines phygital as merging the worlds (and words) of both physical and digital experiences.

This trend started out popular with B2C but has made its way to B2B as the consumer journey has changed and gotten more personalized.

So why should marketers care about the phygital experience? According to The Marketing Insider Group, 86% of B2B buyers say they are willing to pay more for an awesome experience.

This journey gives the most versatile experience to your consumers and allows content and information to be digestible in multiple ways. Here are the top five things you can start using to get phygital!

  1. QR codes – This is not anything new, but we can start getting creative with how we use them! You can create downloadable content for a trade show and include the QR on signage at your booth or you could add a QR code on your business cards with a link directing to your LinkedIn page. The ideas are endless, and you can really get creative on how you use them.
  2. Creating an email workflow – After a meeting with a potential client, set up an email workflow with related content directing the prospect to your website and other related content. You can make this automated and include content tailored to the prospect’s interests.
  3. Account Based Marketing (ABM) – This one of the top phygital initiatives. ABM targets a very specific group of people using various outlets from digital ads to direct mailer. This marketing approach is very effective because it can be personalized and tailored to specifically marketing to an individual.
  4. Chat – This experience allows you to be accessible immediately on your website. Another key tip is to make it personalized to the company. For example: Hi [company name] how can we help you today?
  5. Interactive content – It is time to get creative with your content and make it more interactive for your readers. From interactive service sheets to interactive proposals this could make you stand out amongst your competitors.  According to Hubspot, Interactive content tools help you understand what consumers really want. By starting conversations rather than simply talking, your brand can identify areas for improvement and deliver personalized content to users. Click here for more information on interactive platforms.