Amplify! Season 2 Episode 3
Navigating the Increased Complexities to Growth

Aamplify - Season 2 Episode 3

with Gale Crosley

The Intersection of Marketing and HR for Accounting Firms

Navigating the Increased Complexities to Growth -w- Gale Crosley

● How are firms approaching growth today from a strategic level?
● What is the role of niche development in growth today? Is it more or less important than a few years ago?
● Sometimes to grow, you need to cut. What are you telling firms when it comes to culling clients? Have you seen a successful process?
● What role is or should technology be playing in growth? Is tech replacing people? Should it be a solution when you can’t find people?
● How is innovation driving growth?
● What do you say to firms that have put the break on growth? How should they address growth in a new strategic plan?