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Marketing by Numbers is an end-to-end marketing platform designed specifically for accounting firms. The platform helps firms leverage thought leadership to showcase their expertise, educate clients and prospects, and generate intelligent conversions that result in new engagements.The platform includes a vast library of branded videos and customizable articles that can be published on your website. It also includes an AI Writing Assistant for creating custom articles and posts. Optional add-ons include a sales and marketing CRM and a social media manager.In all, our marketing platform provides efficiencies from content creation to client communication through emails and social media.Whether you are a solo marketer with limited resources or a member of a marketing team, you can select the content and marketing tools that fit your needs. Over 50 of the IPA Top 500 accounting firms in the US and over 30 AAM members currently use the Marketing by Numbers Platform.Pricing starts at $499 per month. Visit our website to schedule a demonstration.

Client Testimonial

"Our experience with Marketing by Numbers has been great. The content is relevant and publishing the videos and articles on our site is easy and effective. The integrated CRM has also been a huge value and working with the Marketing by Numbers team to implement the new system was one of the best software implementation experiences I have ever had. They really took the time to get to know our firm and our needs to help us build a system and processes that work for us.The AI writer has been a game-changer when it comes to drafting new original content. The process of creating new articles has gone from taking days or weeks to just hours, and the ability to collaborate with others is seamless." -Sarah Stage, Director of Marketing, Insero & Co. CPAs

AAM Members Worked With

  • Condley & Co. LLP
  • FMF&E
  • GreerWalker
  • Harding Shymanski
  • Haynie & Company
  • HCVT
  • Insero
  • Jackson Thornton
  • LaPorte
  • Larson Gross
  • Olsen Thielen
  • PBMares
  • Virtus Group

General Info

8816 Manchester Road
Suite 111
St. Louis, Missouri 63144

Jamie Miller

Don Breckenridge


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