Amplify! Season 3 Episode 4
The State of the Industry – Micro Interviews from AAM Summit 2023 – Part 1

The State of the Industry - Summit Micro Interviews - Part 1

with 13 attendees of AAM Summit 2023

In this 3rd season of the Amplify podcast – powered by AAM, we’re diving deep into strategic planning and how firms can maximize their growth as they plan for the future.

In this episode, host Mike Jones, Managing Partner of Resound – a brand consultancy – talks with 13 attendees of AAM Summit 2023 about their take on the state of the accounting industry.

Each micro-interview dives into an aspect of the accounting industry – from digital marketing to upcoming trends to key challenges facing accounting firms. You don’t want to miss this special episode.

About the Guests:
Emily Ackerman, Director of Business Development at Lane Gorman Trubitt, LLC
Kami Minor, Director of Marketing & Communications at Anglin Reichmann Armstrong, PC
Ashton Adair, Marketing Manager at Whitley Penn
Tyler Cuda, Digital Marketing Manager, Sassetti
Jeshanah Fox, Marketing Director at Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz
Anna Clyburn, Digital Marketing Specialist at Brown Edwards
Jack Kolmansberger, CGO at Herbein + Company
Josh Woods, Senior Marketing Manager at Lane Gorman Trubitt
Amy Delaney, Director Of Marketing And Business Development at Kernutt Stokes
Tenley Damrow, Director, Alliance Marketing Leader at RSM US LLP
Becky Livingston, President and CEO at Penheel Marketing
Chuck Summers, Director of Practice Growth at MCM CPAs & Advisors
Marti Rison, Creative Marketing and Communications Manager at Mize CPAs

About Your Host:
Mike Jones
Managing Partner, Resound

Remarkable brands require authenticity and a die-hard commitment to values & purpose. Mike passionately preaches these beliefs as author of the book, You Are Remarkable: How To Unlock Your Authentic Brand To Win Loyal Customers as well as two podcasts he hosts and produces: Resoundcast and the Remarkabrand Podcast.

He works directly with clients to unlock their remarkable brands through his award-winning brand consultancy, Resound – established in 2009. (He also founded his own apparel brand devoted to American political history, called Taftly. But that’s a whole other story.)

He has supported the Arizona entrepreneurial community through his co-directorship of Phoenix Startup Week, co-founding the startup-supporting non-profit Thrive PHX, and serving on the boards of Conscious Capitalism Arizona and The Center for Habilitation.

In recognition of the work he’s done, this Arizona native has been named one of the state’s top business leaders under the age of 40 by the Phoenix Business Journal as well as a 35-Under-35 entrepreneurial award from the Arizona Republic.

He lives in the very sunny vale of Mesa, AZ with his wife and three kids. If you want to connect, LinkedIn’s usually where you’ll find him – @remarkamike.