Amplify! Season 4 Episode 3
How Business Developers Work with Firm Leadership

Episode 3: How Business Developers Work with Firm Leadership

with Adam Klein, Chief Growth Officer with Bennett Thrasher LLP

Collaboration between business development executives (BDEs) and firm leaders is a recipe for success. The right setup and alignment of objectives are crucial for effective business development efforts.

In this season of Amplify! we’re talking about the role of a business developer in a CPA firm. And this episode focuses on how firm leadership should work with a business developer and vice versa. It features Adam Klein, chief growth officer at Bennett Thrasher and a former BDE himself, who shares his thoughts on setting strategy, when to bring a partner into a lead, BD KPIs and much more.

Listen in to hear why, whether you are a business developer or a partner seeking a more collaborative approach, initiating strategic conversations is the key to success.