Winter 2022 Growth Strategies

Big Impact from Small Adjustments: Finding Efficiency to Energize Firms

Look for opportunities to make small adjustments in your marketing program that will have a big impact.

Metrics That Matter

Digital transformation has given marketers a wide variety of tools to track metrics, analytics and KPIs. Which metrics are most meaningful to marketers and firm partners?

How Small Marketing Departments Can be Successful

For marketers who are a “department of one,” prioritizing and pacing are key to getting the job done.

Productive Pipeline: Tips and Tools for Building an Effective Lead Funnel

Lead generation and management is essential for practice growth at any accounting firm, and marketing professionals play key roles as doers or facilitators to ensure leads move effectively through the firm’s internal funnel.


By using workplace communication platforms and technologies, firms and businesses of all sizes can collaborate in real time to help teams stay organized and aligned. Here are some collaboration tools worth considering.

Partner POV

Jason Martin, CPA, CFE, MBA, managing partner, Memphis office of HHM

Take 5

What is the role of print collateral today, if any, and how are you using it?

Q & A With…

Jody Padar, advisory board member, Botkeeper

Consultants’ Corner

What are the top three most effective lead generation practices?


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