Why Canadian Accounting Marketers Should Join AAM with Nicole Sterling

Nicole Sterling discusses Why Canadian Accounting Marketers Should Join AAM|Nicole Sterling discusses Why Canadian Accounting Marketers Should Join AAM

The Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) offers marketers, business development professionals, and affiliate business owners educational and networking opportunities to add value both inside and outside their firms. While we have a large American member base, Canadian accounting marketers are a growing group in the association. There are numerous benefits that you will gain from joining AAM and connecting with all of our members.

We had a conversation with long-time AAM member Nicole Sterling, Director of Communications and Marketing at RSW to see what her experience has been like. Here’s what she had to say.

Why did you join the Association for Accounting Marketing?

I was looking to grow my career and become better in my role in my firm. AAM was the only accounting resource I found dedicated to marketers and business development professionals looking to grow a practice. AAM turned out to be the source that helped champion both my professional and personal growth.

What member benefits do you find to be the most valuable?

I have to admit I am a very digital person. So for me, the information that I get from the various webinars, Emerge, AAM’s blog – CPA Growth Trends, and Growth Strategies keep me up to date with the latest trends. I even listen to AAMplify in my car during my commute. When the pandemic hit the crisis communication roundtables that were held were valuable insights into how others were dealing with an issue we were all facing as an accounting marketer. I would have to say one of the most valuable aspect of AAM for me would be the Annual Summit. I learn so much during the sessions and I always come back to my firm with things that I want to implement in the firm to spearhead our growth. Summit is not just a member benefit, as non-members can attend, but to me it is the most valuable resource for knowledge and thought leadership. It is also a valuable opportunity for me to network with other members and create relationships that will help me in my career well into the future.

Why do you think AAM is important to your success in your accounting firm and its growth?

AAM creates opportunities for marketing professionals in CPA firms to learn through doing – whether it’s developing leadership skills, speaking skills, business insights, relationship development, or a host of other skills. During my time as the website chair, I learned so much about SEO, blog creation and digital strategies that I then was able to apply that knowledge within my own firm’s strategies. A member needs to commit to putting in some time and effort to get the most value out of their membership. You will get much more out of it when you put time and energy into it. Getting involved, attending Summit, attending Emerge, volunteering on a committee, reading the blog, and reaching out to other members helped me get value far beyond the cost of membership. I was able to learn best practices and actionable ideas that I then put into place to help my firm grow.

How has AAM has contributed to your skill set as an accounting marketer?

The continuing education has been top of the line and ahead of trends in the industry. The network I have built through AAM is one of the most valuable aspects of my career in accounting marketing thus far. Again as I said above, I gained so much knowledge on various aspects of professional service marketing and practice growth when I volunteered on various committees and taskforces.

Why should other Canadian-based accounting marketers join AAM?

There is really no other resource like AAM for accounting marketers. We all face similar issues whether we are based in the Unites States or Canada, but having a network of other marketers can help you navigate through such issues. You can learn from others on what has worked well in their firms and can receive guidance and support on how to implement something similar that would work in your firm. The ongoing continuing education, whether it be a webinar, a virtual conference or attending summit has kept me apprised of all of the changes and trends in the industry.

I would want other Canadian accounting marketers and business development professionals to know they will never find another group or association as valuable as AAM is for practice growth professionals. The knowledge and thought leadership within AAM is second to none. Take the leap….be active with the members, attend summit and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Learn more about the different AAM memberships available and join here today!

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