Using Email Signatures to Amplify Branding

Illustration of People Using Email Signatures to Amplify Branding

By using email signatures to amplify branding, accounting firms can extend social media reach, build trust and maximize marketing efforts. This low-cost solution can help highlight service offerings and maximize marketing campaigns and promotions. However, ensuring everyone in an organization has the same email signature can be frustrating.

Using Email Signatures to Amplify Branding

One solution is to use an email signature generator, which can create uniform email signatures for everyone in a firm that include text, links, logos and images. The result is a professional email signature with a consistent marketing message, look and feel for all firm employees.

Paid Option

Unlike many paid options, is geared toward smaller businesses and does not require a subscription. Users can customize their signatures with a variety of fonts, add and resize text and logos, include social media icons and adjust the signature width, background and more. Its one-off payment model makes it cost-effective with no long-term commitment. The best option is a bundle of 10 signatures for $35, which includes a unique link for each signature to share with colleagues or clients.

For larger firms with 100 or more employees, and with a budget for such an endeavor, Sigstr, Exclaimer, Xink, or CodeTwo offer flexible and attractive options starting around $750 per year.

Free Option

SignMyEmails is all about speed. Users can create their own email signatures in about one minute. The free version of this HTML signature generator works with most email clients, has eight templates and lets users adjust the size of a logo or profile image, change fonts and colors, and add features such as banners and disclaimers. However, this could become time-consuming if one needs to create many customized signatures.

A small SignMyEmails logo remains at the bottom of each signature and can be removed for a prepaid subscription cost of $4 per month for five email signatures, with additional subscription levels for more signatures costing up to $60 per month.

Other free options include HubSpot and Designhill, which are basic generators where users enter their information and click the “create a signature” button to create a custom email signature. Again, the catch is the email signatures created with these tools include links back to the email signature generators.

Learn more on using email signatures to amplify branding and highlight services on page 15 of the Winter 2020 Issue of Growth Strategies.

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