Three Trends That Will Change Your Marketing Strategy

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Kalev Peekna, One North

Prognostication is perhaps the most popular tool of the marketing strategist’s trade. Predictions are quick to write, exciting to read and so quickly forgotten that no one faces accountability.

Nonetheless, the internet age has taught us decisively that emerging technologies and trends demand legitimate, early attention. Despite the inherent uncertainty, knowing where you’re headed is the keystone of any good strategy.

From surveying the landscape of what’s to come for professional services organizations – such as accounting, consulting and law firms – three emerging technologies deserve special attention:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Conversational Assistants

Artificial Intelligence: These are definitely the robots you are looking for

The potential for AI to automate specialized knowledge work like audit and tax preparation has brought a specter of disrup­tion to the accounting industry. But while your partners worry about how AI will change their work, marketers should think about how AI will change what they do and how their own teams are structured. Luckily, in these areas, AI is less of a threat than a liberator:

  1. Personalization Long promised, but rarely delivered, AI will allow marketers to leapfrog the significant content and resource hurdles to real-time personalization. Embedded algo­rithms will analyze user behavior in real time, extract meaning­ful conclusions, devise new business rules and arrange the most relevant options for your users – without direct human management. Web content management systems, marketing automation and analytics engines will be the first to offer these capabilities.

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About Kalev Peekna

Kalev Peekna is the chief strategist at digital agency One North. He leads the digital strategy team and advises clients on the cre¬ation and execution of strategic programs to enhance the use of digital for their marketing, business development and knowledge management goals. Contact Kalev at [email protected].

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