Spring 2022 Growth Strategies

Private Equity Investment in Accounting Firms Elevates Marketing as Key Player

A new factor has emerged on the accounting industry M&A scene that promises to shake up marketing departments – and elevate their positions as key players in firm growth

Marketing & HR Collaborate for Recruiting/Retention Success

Even before the Great Resignation, competition for talent was fierce among accounting and advisory firms. Now firms are fueling up their efforts by putting Marketing and Human Resources departments together for collaborative brain power.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Marketing’s Role in Culling Clients

Pruning a client list requires clear communication and agreement on the ultimate goal

How to Keep Business Development on Everyone’s To-Do List

Calibrating your business development efforts when the firm is at capacity


Reduce the time and effort of managing social media marketing with tools to ensure a campaign is properly timed and targeted.

Partner POV

Chris Mitchell, Chief Diversity Officer of Crowe

Take 5

How do you get partners and staff to ‘live the brand?’

Q & A With…

Rhonda Clark, Executive Director, AAM

Consultants’ Corner

How are accounting and advisory firms beefing up their marketing departments?

Trends & Insights

Insights from the 2022 AAM-Inovautus Growth Outlook for CPA Firms Survey


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