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So what IS Marketing’s Role in the Talent Pipeline?

What IS marketing's role in the talent pipeline - image of a pipeline in a wooded area|What IS marketing's role in the talent pipeline - image of a pipeline in a wooded area

What IS Marketing’s Role in the Talent Pipeline?

A recap of March 2022 AAM High webinar

If webinar attendance and feedback serve as proxies for topic interest, then this topic struck a chord with members, and we’re so glad. We had a great turn out (77% attendance rate) for the March 2022 AAM High webinar panel discussion, Marketing’s Role in the Talent Pipeline. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Marketing’s role in the talent pipeline will vary based on the firm

One thing is for sure, Marketing’s role in talent acquisition varies from firm to firm, but the need for Marketing, HR, and Recruiting (if you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated recruiting person or department) to collaborate, think strategically and execute quickly has never been more important. It’s also critical to “think outside the box” about communication channels and messaging targeted to potential employees. Webinar attendees couldn’t get enough of Tanner’s billboard campaign! Merry’s background is in venture capital and technology, and by bringing her previous experience to Tanner, she’s inspiring change. Merry has also seriously upgraded their firm swag, something that is so important to interns and new hires! Way to go Merry! How can we challenge ourselves to recommend innovative ideas, even if those ideas don’t have clear ROI… yet?

Best practices are still being formed

One of the challenges to proving ROI on new ideas is that we’re truly living in extraordinary times – something Mary-Kate made clear when she described the swirling factors that can impact an employee’s decision to consider and accept a job offer. Work from home or hybrid work environments, the importance of work-life balance and genuine emotional satisfaction, mixed with one of the most competitive hiring markets we’ve seen in a decade, means there aren’t established best-practices for us to aspire to. We are learning on the fly and must be comfortable with an increased level of uncertainty. Marketers must help our Partners, who are often risk averse, to adapt to this uncertainty so we’re free to try new things.

What are firms looking for right now?

Many of you already know Lynn and her “tell it like it is” style is so refreshing. Lynn and her team are seeking boomerangs – people who may have grown up in and around Bethlehem, PA, want to come back, buy a house, have some kids and be near family. As a full-time working mom with no family around, that sounds really nice to me! Lynn and her team don’t shy away from comparing themselves to Big4 firms – their professionals work fewer hours and the firm is a great alternative for those who feel “stuck” in nearby larger markets like New York City or Philadelphia – both of which are an hour away from Concannon’s PA office.

So, what was the takeaway?

So, where did we land on Marketing’s role exactly? To be honest, I’m not sure, but we did hear from three awesome panelists about how they’re shaping their firm’s talent acquisition efforts. I expect this topic to continue to interest and confound members, so let’s be sure to share our ideas on the AAM Forum. Please connect with these ladies on LinkedIn and send them your questions.


Lynn Olanoff, Marketing Communications Specialist at Concannon, Miller & Co. P.C.

Merry Osborne, Director of Client Experience & Marketing at Tanner LLC.

Mary-Kate Sivilli, Human Resources Consultant at HR Impact


And don’t miss April’s Virtual Campfire, Marketing Training & Learning on April 20, 2022. So much of the marketing strategy for our firms depends on the cooperation and delivery from non-marketers. Our CPAs and advisors are often firm ambassadors, sales, customer success and the product all rolled into one. What kind of marketing principals do you train them on? Whether you’re aligning the firm to brand, capturing the right messaging, or teaching effective networking and business development techniques, we’ll discuss the WHO, WHAT, and HOW of marketing training for non-marketers.


About Amanda Sturdevant

Amanda is a marketing strategist and project manager with more than fifteen years of experience in accounting marketing. For the past seven years she’s served as Marketing Director and department of one at True Partners Consulting (TPC), a national tax-only accounting firm with nine offices across the U.S. To say ‘she wears many hats’ is an understatement. Alongside her awesome team of outsourced partners, Amanda provides strategic marketing counsel to the firm’s management team, manages all forms of marketing communications, plans conferences and events, trains firm professionals on marketing and business development topics and more. During her time at True Partners, she has created awareness of and increased respect for marketing’s value. She strongly believes that the most important thing an accounting marketer can do is build trust with the partners and professional staff by learning and understanding their business. Amanda earned her MBA in Marketing Strategy & Planning from DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business in Chicago. She is also a proud alumna of the University of Wisconsin – Go Badgers! She works remotely from her home in Connecticut which she shares with her husband and two sons. Amanda is a new co-host of AAM’s Virtual Campfire video conference series and looks forward to facilitating conversations on topics that help AAM members contribute to the growth of their firms.

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