The Power of Pay Per Click in Finance

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We live in a world of the informed consumer – one who spends at least 75% of their time online (Pew), and assumes the burden of research, rather than allowing brands to own the education and subsequent conversion process. Add to this a growing market penetration of mobile devices (65% of US adults access the internet from smart phones), and it becomes more and more critical that marketing budgets have a digital plan in place. The problem with digital marketing is that it is not a simple media buy: any digital marketing medium you’d look to incorporate has rules of engagement, which if not followed, can lead to wasted spend.

So why should you build pay per click (PPC) in to your marketing plan?

Lead Quality: Know exactly what is responsible for your best and worst prospects and funnel marketing dollars accordingly.

One of the main reasons PPC advertising (AdWords and Bing) has become so popular is the unprecedented view it allows into what is working and what is not. Instead of having to build in promos so you can tag a user that came from a traditional media buy, now it’s matter of considering your account and seeing that the conversion (desired action) came from a particular keyword in an ad group in a campaign.

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Navah Hopkins is part of the Customer Success and Thought Leadership team at WordStream, with a passion for innovation, and all things data. When she’s not working on PPC, she blogs about her favorite trends in online marketing, innovation, and finance, with the end goal of making complex concepts accessible to all. Navah can be reached at [email protected].

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