SEO Today and Tomorrow

Brian Swanson, Chief SEO strategist with FlashPoint Digital Marketing, discusses the evolving landscape of digital marketing in this Amplify! podcast.

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Lead Gen MarTech

In this episode of Amplify!, Danny Estrada, vice president of consulting at Rare Karma, delves into the pivotal role of marketing technology in lead generation for accounting firms.

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Digital Advertising Success

Discover the secrets to success in digital advertising! Sean Smith, CMO at Schneider Downs, shares insights on navigating the ever-evolving landscape of online marketing in this episode of Amplify! where we’re talking digital lead gen throughout the season.

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How to Handle Web Lead

On this episode of Amplify She’s sharing insights into the intricate process of qualifying marketing-generated leads from the importance of collaboration between sales and marketing teams to the pivotal role of responsiveness in lead management.

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Comparing Legal and CPA Firm BDEs

Episode 7: Comparing Legal and CPA Firm BDEs

The world of business development demands authenticity, curiosity and adaptability. When comparing the roles of business developers in accounting and legal there are a lot more similarities in their roles than there are differences.

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Managing a Sales Person or Team

Episode 6: Managing a Sales Person or Team

When it comes to managing a business developer or a team of business development executives, it’s all about team selling, setting clear expectations and effective pipeline management.

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