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How Do You Overcome Objections to Culture Change?

Overcome Objections to Culture Change

Growth Strategies, the quarterly print publication for the Association or Accounting Marketing, features a special section each issue called “Consultant’s Corner,” where we pose a question and three responses from our consultants community. The question for the Winter issue is: “How Do You Overcome Objections to Culture Change?”

Here are what two consultants had to say;

“Culture change is a progressive shift that is best achieved by focusing on collaboration. While alignment at the top is important, culture change cannot be a top-down initiative. Get started by involving others! Solicit feedback from the firm, including different levels and roles on the team leading the culture change and welcome new ideas and perspectives. Most importantly, remember that culture change doesn’t happen overnight, but progress can be made by making a commitment to take intentional steps forward.”

Arianna Campbell

Boomer Consulting

[email protected]


“Culture is the only distinguishing factor in a firm. Every firm can offer the same technical and strategic advice to their clients, but very few firms differentiate on culture. Those that do impress their employees and their clients and become a leader in an industry that needs bold firms to take these steps. Culture gets to the heart of who a firm is: their values and their most important asset – their people. A culture shift is the biggest shift a firm will make. Showing firm leaders what success looks like after such a change is an impactful way to make these significant changes.”

Kate Harry Shipham

KHS People

[email protected]


Make sure to check out the Winter issue of Growth Strategies in early December to hear what three others have to offer how to overcome objections to culture change.

About Stephen D. Mayer

Steve Mayer has 40 years of professional experience working with individuals, public and private businesses. His experience involves every side of SD Mayer & Associates’ practice areas, such as accounting, tax, consulting, auditing, wealth management and more. His services include audits and reviews of financial statements, implementation of computer and accounting systems, preparation of forecasts and budgets, litigation support, bankruptcy consultation, valuations, and business plan and loan package development. In addition, he has consulted with management concerning SEC requirements, mergers, reorganization and acquisition of businesses, and negotiation of venture capital financing.

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