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Outsourced Accounting Marketing | Finding the Right Balance for Your Firm


The importance of marketing for an accounting firm cannot be overstated. However, accountants too often treat marketing as a checkbox item and do not give it the priority it requires. At the same time, marketing has evolved. While buying ads in the local business journal was sufficient years ago, accounting firms are faced with a growing number of marketing strategies, tools and channels that all require specific expertise. It is not feasible to expect team members who are focused on accounting to become experts in marketing.  That why considering outsourced accounting marketing options can be a great benefit to firms.

“Firms outsource any number of marketing functions like writing, design, website development, SEO, training, strategy development,” said Katie Tolin, chief growth guide with CPA Growth Guides. “It really comes down to the strengths of the internal team and finding outside resources to fill in skill gaps.”

“Your internal marketing resources should be visionaries, strategists and project managers” to guide the contributions of outsourced professionals, Tolin said.

So how can a firm successfully execute on its marketing plan with limited resources and expertise?

  • Define the goal
  • Identify the expertise, time available and opportunity cost for each team member
  • Look into outsourced accounting marketing and technology options to fill the gaps
  • Define and execute a strategy that reduces cost while maximizing productivity

If the results from current marketing efforts are not measuring up, be realistic about the expectations versus resources, skills and available time. Do what can be done internally and outsource the rest. Not only does this drive success, but it ensures a marketing program is being executed consistently month after month.

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About Don Breckenridge

Don Breckenridge a serial entrepreneur and partner in Marketing by Numbers. Prior to Marketing by Numbers, Don was co-founder and CEO of Hatchbuck, a sales and marketing software platform specifically designed for small and mid-sized businesses. Hatchbuck helps thousands of businesses around the world manage their contacts, deliver email marketing campaigns and convert more prospects into customers. Don was also the co-founder and CEO of Sendouts, a software platform used by thousands of third-party recruiters to manage job openings, candidate resumes and the placement process. Don’s specialties include entrepreneurship, marketing, technology, software development and finance.

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