Opportunities to Work Remotely Embraced by Accounting

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The trend of working remotely has gained popularity over the years and is now a generally accepted policy in many industries, so it is no wonder the accounting industry has followed suit.

From a business perspective, allowing employees to work remotely has countless benefits. Many firms going remote see a decrease in office space and energy costs, lower snack and coffee expenses, and a reduction in equipment costs and view the remote work option as a tactic to improve recruitment, retention and overall firm culture.

“Giving our employees the opportunity to work remotely helps us maintain and exhibit our progressive culture,” said John Sensiba, managing partner of Sensiba San Filippo, a 175-person CPA firm with six offices in Northern California. “Both family and community are core values of the firm, and we believe that working remotely supports family time and encourages employees to stay active in the communities in which they live.”

As the practice of working remotely gains more traction in the accounting industry, it is also widely coming to be seen as an effective recruitment tool.

To gain more insight into the minds and practices of accounting marketing professionals, Growth Strategies surveyed Association for Accounting Marketing members to determine if they were given the opportunity to work remotely and to paint a picture of what remote work looks like for different firms. Findings included:

  • 78% said everyone on the marketing team has the option to work remotely, although some require an administrative assistant to be in the office to take care of things on site
  • 77% said working remotely was important enough to keep them at their firm

Read the full article to see the survey findings and gain some actionable insight on creating a successful culture for working remotely in accounting.

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